Word Unit: pend-, -pens, -pense, -pending, -pended (Latin: hang, hanging; weigh, weighing; to cause to hang down; related to words in this pond- unit.)
Word Unit: penetra-, penetr- (Latin: penetrare, penetratus, to go into, to enter, to pierce; to pass through, to pass into; a place within)
Word Unit: peni-, pen- (Latin: paene, almost, nearly)
Word Unit: -penia- (s), -penias (pl), -penic, pen-, penia- + (Greek > Modern Latin: abnormal reduction, decrease in, insufficient, deficiency. Originally, the meaning was poverty, need; sometimes it is erroneously or incorrectly rendered as -poenia)
Word Unit: penna- + (Latin: feather, feathers; by extension in some situations, wing, wings)

Related "feather, feather-like; soft down, plumage" word units: pinni-, pin-; plum-, -plume; pterido-; ptero-; ptilo-.

Word Unit: penta-, pent-, pente-, pento- (Greek: five; a number used as a prefix)
Word Unit: penthera-; penthero- (Greek: mother-in-law; father-in-law)
Word Unit: People (Maasai of Kenya)
Word Unit: pepto-, pept-, -peptic, pepsi-, -pepsia, -pepsy (Greek: digestion, able to digest; cook; from "to cook, boil, digest")
Word Unit: per- (Latin: through, across, over; beyond, by means of)
Word Unit: peri- (Greek: around, enclosing, surrounding, about, near, close; often used as a prefix)

Related "around, round, surrounding" units: ambi-; ampho-; circ-; circum-; cyclo-, -cycle; gyro-.

Word Unit: perine-, perineo- + (Greek: space between the scrotum or mons veneris and the anus)
Word Unit: perisso-, periss- + (Greek: extraordinary; superfluous, redundant; odd, odd-numbered)
Word Unit: peristera-, perister- + (Greek: pigeon, dove)
Word Unit: perit-, perien-, peri- (Latin: test, tested; try; experiment; risk, danger, dangerous, hazardous)
Word Unit: pero- + (Greek: maimed, crippled; deformed, malformed)
Word Unit: persever- + (Latin: to continue steadfastly, to persist)
Word Unit: person-, parson- (Latin: human being; originally, character in a drama, mask)
Word Unit: pessim- (Latin: bad, worst)

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "bad, wrong": caco-, kako-; dys-; mal-; mis-; sceler-.

Word Unit: pesti-, pest- + (Latin: plague, contagion)