(Maasai of Kenya)

Although most of the Kenyan tribes have changed to modern western lifestyles, a significant number of the Maasai still lead lives that are very similar to their ancestors that have been living for thousands of years.

A tourist in Kenya is visiting a Maasai tribe.

The cattle are a primary part of Maasai life even to these days and they provide a significant part of the Maasai diet including meat, milk, and blood.

Some Maasai also eat goats and sheep; however, even though there are many wild animals; such as, antelope, they do not eat these animals.

A tourist in Kenya is visiting a Maasai tribe.

It is possible for tourists to visit Maasai communities in both Kenya and Tanzania. Popular tourists destinations in East Africa; such as, the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Maasai Mara, Amboseli, and Tarangire game reserves are located inside the Maasai regions. The reserves are now considered protected areas set aside for conservation, wildlife viewing, and tourism.

—Compiled from information located in
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The pictures were taken by John Robertson of his wife Gunhild while they were visiting the Maasai in Kenya in 1974.