Word Unit: -poeia, -poie, -peia, -poiesis, -poesis, -poeic, -poetic, -poietic, -poetical, -poietical + (Greek: making, producing, creating, creative, forming, formation)
Word Unit: Poem: Book Borrower (a couple of similar opinions about people who borrow books)
Word Unit: Poem: Dulce et Decorum Est (Wilfred Owen challenges our thinking about whether it is really so sweet and fitting to die for one's country)
Word Unit: Poem: I Met the Master Face to Face (a poem by Lorrie Cline)
Word Unit: Poem: If (a poem about self control and character development by Rudyard Kipling)
Word Unit: Poem: Invictus (taking responsibility for one’s destiny by William Ernest Henley)
Word Unit: Poem: Rendezvous with Death (said to be one of the greatest poems written during World War I by Alan Seeger)
Word Unit: Poem: Road Not Taken (two roads diverged or separated and went in different directions according to Robert Frost)
Word Unit: Poem: Thanatopsis (confronting death by William Cullen Bryant)
Word Unit: Poem: The Cremation of Sam McGee (an abnormal way of getting warm in the freezing conditions of a Canadian winter as expressed by Robert Service)
Word Unit: Poem: The Man Who Thinks He Can (thinking that you can be successful in achieving an objective is a vital mental condition, but thinking that you can not do it is almost a guarantee that you will not be successful as indicated by Walter Wintle)
Word Unit: Poem: The Raven (a famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe)
Word Unit: Poem: Trees (an expression of admiration and appreciation for trees)
Word Unit: Poem: Words (Robert Service and E.B. de Vito, two logophiles, express their fondness for words)
Word Unit: Poems: Index (a list of special poems)
Word Unit: Poems: Richard Cory and The Rich Man (some things are not as obvious as we may think they are even with people who seem to be so well off, according to Edwin Arlington Robinson and Franklin P. Adams)
Word Unit: poen-, peno-, poino-, poin-, puni-, pain-, penal-, pent- (Greek > Latin: pain, punishment, penalty)

Cross references related to "pain, hurt; suffering, injury" word families: -agra; algesi-; algo-; angina-; dolor-; Masochism; noci-; odyno-; pono- (toil, work; pain); Sadism.

Word Unit: pogo-, pogono-, -pogon (Greek: beard; referring to a beard or beard-like structures)
Word Unit: poikilo-, poikil-; poecilo-, poecil- (Greek: varied, irregular, mottled; many-colored, spotted)

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "another, other, different, alternating, varied, changing": ali-; allo-; alter-; allelo-; hetero-; mut-; reciproc-; vari-.

Word Unit: polem- (Greek: war, warlike, pertaining to war; battle)