Word Unit: prav- (Latin: crooked, crookedness; perverted, vicious, wicked; borrowed through Old French depraver or directly from Latin depravare, "to corrupt"; from de, "completely" + pravus, "crooked")
Word Unit: praxis-, -praxsis, -praxia, -praxic, -praxi- (Greek > Latin: to do, to exercise, doing; action, activity, practice; the opposite of theory; from the stem of prassein, "to do, to act")
Word Unit: pray-, preca- (Latin: to ask, to entreat; ask earnestly, entreaty, beg; request, petition, pray, prayer)
Word Unit: pre-, prae- (Latin: before [both in time and place])

Related before-word units: ante-; antero-; anti-; pro-.

Related "time" units: aevum, evum; archaeo-, archeo-; Calendars; chrono-; horo-; Quotes: Time; tempo-.

Word Unit: pred- (Latin: booty, plunder, pillage, ravage)
Word Unit: prehend-, prehens- (Latin: to grasp or to understand, to seize; to reach, to hold, to take)
Word Unit: presby-, presbyo- (Greek: old, relationship to old age, elderly, elder; literally, "he that goes first")

Related "old; old age, elder" units: gero-; obsolesc-; sen-; veter-.

Word Unit: press-, presso-, pressi-, -prim-, -prin- (Latin: push lower, bear down on or against)
Word Unit: preti-, prais-, preci-, pric- (Latin: price, reward, prize, value, worth)
Word Unit: prim-, primi-, primo- (Latin: first, chief, foremost; of first rank)
Word Unit: prin- + (Latin: first, chief)
Word Unit: Principal, Principle (confusions explained and clarified with mnemonic tools for remembering the two words)
Word Unit: prior- (Latin: former; first; superior)
Word Unit: privat-, priv- + (Latin: individual; not in public life; apart from the State; belonging to an individual)

Cross references of word families related to: "individual, personal": idio-; pecu-.

Word Unit: pro-, por-, pur- (Greek > Latin: a prefix signifying before; forward, forth; for, in favor of; in front of; in place of, on behalf of; according to; as, to place before; to go before or forward, to throw forward)

Related before-word units: ante-; antero-; anti-; pre-.

Word Unit: prob-, proba-, probat-, prov- (Latin: upright, good, honest; to try, to test, to examine; to demonstrate)
Word Unit: problem- (Greek > Latin: literally, "something thrown forward, to throw forward")
Word Unit: procto-, proct- (Greek: anus, rectum)
Word Unit: prodig-, prodigi- (Latin: a sign, an omen, portent; a wonder, a person; especially, a child who is endowed with extraordinary qualities)
Word Unit: prodigal- (Latin: a spendthrift, wasteful; a squanderer; to drive forth)