Word Unit: pac-, peac-, peas- (Latin: peace, peaceful, calm, quiet; eased anger or agitation)

Cross references directly, or indirectly, involving "calm, calmness, peace, quiet": plac-; quies-, quiet-; seren-.

Word Unit: pachy-, pacho-, pach- (Greek: thick, dense; large, massive)
Word Unit: pago-, pag- (cold, freezing) (Greek: cold, frost, freezing; fixed or hardened; united)

Cross references of word families that are related directly or indirectly to "winter, freezing, frost, and/or cold": algid- (cold, chilly); cheimo-, chimo- (winter, cold); crymo-, krymo- (cold, chill, frost); cryo-, kryo-; (cold, freezing); psychro- (cold); rhigo- (cold, frost; shiver).

Word Unit: pago-, pag- (peak) + (Greek: a "peak", but used by ecologists in the restricted sense of "foothill")
Word Unit: pago-, pag-, pagan- (Latin: originally, country area, province; villager; more recent meanings: heathen, atheist; idolatrous, idol worshippers; heretic, heretical)
Word Unit: -pagus (Greek: something fixed or fastened together; a suffix that denotes conjoined twins, the first element of a word denotes the parts fused)
Word Unit: palaeo-, palae-, paleo-, pale- (Greek: original, ancient, primitive, old)
Word Unit: palato-, palat- + (Latin: roof of the mouth)
Word Unit: pali-; palim-, palin- (Greek > Latin: recurrence, repetitious; back, backward, again; returning, repeating)
Word Unit: Palindromes (a variety of palindrome words, both historical and modern)
Word Unit: palir-, pallere- (Latin: grow pale, make pale; dismay, horrify)
Word Unit: pall- (Greek: shake, vibration)
Word Unit: palli-, pallio, pallit- (Latin: mantle, covering; to cloak, to cover)
Word Unit: palm + (Greek palame > Latin palma: palm of the hand)
Word Unit: palmati- + (Latin: marked with the palm of the hand; adorned with palm leaves; used primarily in the sense of "having five lobes that diverge from a common center" [as fingers from an open palm])
Word Unit: palp-, palpo-, palpi- (Latin: to touch gently, to stroke; to pat)
Word Unit: palpebr- (Latin: eyelid, eyelids)
Word Unit: paludi-, palud- (Latin: marsh, marshes, marshy; malarial)
Word Unit: palyn- (Greek: pollen, spores)
Word Unit: pan- (Latin: panis, bread)