palaeo-, palae-, paleo-, pale-

(Greek: original, ancient, primitive, old)

ichthyopaleontology (s) (noun); ichthyopaleontologies (pl)
The paleontology of fishes.
palaeacanthocephala (pl) (noun)
An order of Acanthocephala: The palaeacanthocephala consist of parasites feeding primarily on fishes, mammals, and aquatic birds, and have spines on the trunk and hooks positioned in long rows on the proboscis.
palae-ethnology, paleoethnology (s) (noun); palae-ethnologies, paleoethnologies (pl)
The study of the human races of fossil man.
palaeoclimatology, paleoclimatology (s) (noun) (no plural)
palaeoichnology, paleoichnology (s) (noun) (no plural)
The study of fossil animals and plants in order to deduce their ecology and the environmental conditions in which they lived
palaeopathology, paleopathology (s) (noun); palaeopathologies; paleopathologies (pl)
The study of the diseases of past periods or from previous times: Paleopathology pertains to the research of infections and afflictions in bodies preserved from ancient times, such as in mummies and in fossilised animals.
palaeornithology, paleornithology (s) (noun); palaeornithologies, paleornithologies (pl)
The science of fossil birds.
Meaning “old (ancient) lizard ancestor” from Late Triassic Bristol, England. This creature was previously known as Palaeosaurus. Named by Oskar Kuhn in 1959.
This nomenclature (“ancient lizard”) is no longer recognized by scientists because they found that it described an animal that was previously given another name which is Palaeosauriscus. Named by S. H. Riley and Samuel Stutchbury, 1836/Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1833.
pale-ethnography, pale-ethnographer
The written descriptions of extinct members of the genus Homo sapiens by means of their fossil remains.
paleoanthropia (s) (noun), paleoanthropias (pl)
Prehistoric human beings.
paleoanthropic (adjective), more paleoanthropic, most paleoanthropic
Referring to, pertaining to, or designating, extinct prehistoric forms of humans.
paleoanthropological (adjective), more paleoanthropological, most paleoanthropological
Concerned with, or relating to, the scientific study of human fossils.
paleoanthropologist (s) (noun), paleoanthropologists (pl)
An expert or specialist in the study of fossil hominids or humans.