Word Unit: labio-, labi-, labr- (Latin: lip, lips)
Word Unit: labor-, laborat- (Latin: work, toil)

Cross references related to "work, toil" word families: argo-; ergasio-; ergo-; oper-; pono-; urg-.

Word Unit: labrum + (Latin: a lip)
Word Unit: labyrinth- + (Greek > Latin: maze; the inner ear)
Word Unit: lachan-, lachano- + (Greek: vegetable, of vegetables)
Word Unit: laconi-, lacon- + (Latin: concise, abrupt; literally, resembling the style of the Lacedaemonians or Spartans)
Word Unit: lacrimo-, lacrim-, lacri-, lachrymo-, lacrym-, lacrymi-, lachry- + (Latin: a tear, or tears [from the eyes]; as when crying, etc.)

Related "tear, tears from the eyes" word unit: dacryo-, dacry-.

Word Unit: lacto-, lact-, lacti- (Latin: milk)

Related "milk" unit: galacto-.

Word Unit: lacun-, lacuno- + (Latin: small pit, gap)
Word Unit: lalo-, lallo-, lalio-, lal-, -lalia, -lalic + (Greek: speech, babbling, chattering; abnormal or disordered forms of speech)
Cross references of word families related directly, or indirectly, to: "talk, speak, speech; words, language; tongue, etc.": cit-; clam-; dic-; fa-; -farious; glosso-; glotto-; lalo-; linguo-; locu-; logo-; loqu-; mythico-; -ology; ora-; -phasia; -phemia; phon-; phras-; Quotes: Language,Part 1; Quotes: Language, Part 2; Quotes: Language, Part 3; serm-; tongue; voc-.

Word Unit: lambda; Λ, λ + (Greek: the eleventh letter of the Greek alphabet; Λ, λ)
Word Unit: lamelli-, lamell- (Latin: thin plate or layer)
Word Unit: lament (Latin: weeping, wailing, moaning; expressing sorrow, grief; strong disappointment, complaint)
Word Unit: lamino-, lamin-, lamina-, lamn- lamell- (Latin: thin plate or layer; the neurophysis of a vertebra)
Word Unit: lampr-, lampro- + (Greek: bright, clear)
Word Unit: lan-, lano- (Latin: wool)
Word Unit: lapar-, laparo- + (Greek: the soft part of the body between the ribs and the hip, flank, loin; denotes the flank or loins and the abdominal wall or a part of the abdomen)
Word Unit: lapid-, lapis- (Latin: stone, rock)

Related "stone, rock" word families: litho-; petro-; saxi-; stele-.

Word Unit: laps-, lab- (Latin: to slip, to fall; to glide)
Word Unit: Lapsus Linguae (a slip of the tongue, a mistake in uttering a word, an imprudent word inadvertently spoken; as expressed by public personalities in this series of articles)