Word Unit: kappa; Κ, κ + (Greek: the tenth letter of the Greek alphabet; Κ, κ)
Word Unit: kary-, karyo-, cary-, caryo- + (Greek: nut, walnut; kernel; cell, cell nucleus)

A cross reference of word units that are related, directly or indirectly, to "cell, cells, cell nucleus": celli-; cellulo-; cyto-; endothelio-; gameto-; glio-; neuro-.

Word Unit: kathis-, cathis-, kathiso-, cathiso- + (Greek: to sit; sitting)
Word Unit: kato-, cato- + (Greek: down, downwards, below, underneath)
Word Unit: kedo-, ked-, cedo-, cedno- (Greek: worry, anxiety, care, grief, trouble, to be concerned for; protector, guardian, most worthy of care)
Word Unit: keratin- + (Greek: containing, or derived from keratin, a highly insoluble scleroprotein that is the main constituent of horny tissues, the nails, and the organic matrix of tooth enamel; derived from Greek kera[s], kerat[os], "horn")
Word Unit: kilo- [KIL oh, KEEL oh], kil- (Greek: one thousand; a decimal prefix used in the international metric system for measurements and representing 103 or 1 000)

Related "metric" families: yotta; zetta; exa; peta; tera; giga; mega; hecto; deka; deci; centi; milli; micro; nano; pico; femto; atto; zepto; yocto.

Word Unit: klept-, klepto-, -kleptic; clepto-, clept-, -clepty, -cleptic (Greek: theft, thief, steal)
Word Unit: Kleptomania: Compulsive Theft (taking it even when it is not needed)
Word Unit: Knowledge and Misinformation (facts and truthful information to improve the accuracy of our knowledge)
Word Unit: Knowledge and Misinformation: Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down (signs given in the arenas of Rome and now in our modern times)
Word Unit: Knowledge of Special Interest (information from a global perspective)
Word Unit: Knowledge: General Index (a collection of significant human knowledge)
Word Unit: Knowledge: People and Their Influences (influences on humanity including those from the past and the present)
Word Unit: koly-, coly- (Greek: hinder, inhibiting, to cut short, stop)
Word Unit: kopo-, kop-, copo-, cop- (Greek: weariness, fatigue, exhaustion)
Word Unit: kymo-, kym- (Greek: wave, sprout; swollen)
Word Unit: kyph-, kypho-, cyph-, cypho- + (Greek: bent; humped, humpbacked)