Word Unit: pico- [PEE koh] (Italian: very small or from Spanish, "beak, tip, very small"; and from Latin, beccus, beak; also, a decimal prefix used in the international metric system for measurements)

Related "metric" families: yotta; zetta; exa; peta; tera; giga; mega; kilo; hecto; deka; deci; centi; milli; micro; nano; femto; atto; zepto; yocto.

Word Unit: picro-, picr- (Greek: bitter, sharp, pungent)
Word Unit: pict-, paint- (Latin: paint, painting; picture)
Word Unit: piet-, pious- (Latin: from pius, dutiful, dutiful conduct; kind, kindness; devout; compassion)
Word Unit: piezo-, piez- + (Greek: to press; pressure; to squeeze)

A cross reference of word units that are related, directly and/or indirectly, with "electricity": electro-; galvano-; hodo-; ion-; -tron; volt; biomechatronics, info; mechatronics, info.

Word Unit: pigment-, pigmento- + (Latin: "paint"; coloring matter involving both animals and plants)
Word Unit: pil- (Latin: to gather, to pillage, to plunder, to rob, to steal, to snatch, to heap up (as stones) and to carry off)
Word Unit: pilo-, pil-, pili- + (Latin: hair)
Word Unit: pimelo-, pimel-, pimele- + (Greek: [soft] fat)

Related fat-word units: adipo-; lard; lipo-; obeso-; oleo-; omento-; pio-; sebo-; steato-.

Word Unit: pin-, pino- + (Greek: a combining form confused between three Greek roots and may mean "hunger", "dirt", or "drink"; and there is one Latin form referring to the "pine tree")
Word Unit: pineal-, pinea- (Latin: pine tree, relating to the pine; shaped like a cone)
Word Unit: pingu-, pingue-, pingui- (Latin: pinguis, fat, grease)
Word Unit: pinni-, pin- (Latin: pinnatus, feather, feathered; winged)

Related "feather, feather-like; soft down, plumage" word units: penna-; plum-, -plume; pterido-; ptero-; ptilo-.

Word Unit: pio-, pi-, pion- + (Greek: fat)

Related fat-word units: adipo-; lard; lipo-; obeso-; oleo-; omento-; pimelo-; sebo-; steato-.

Word Unit: pisci-, pisc- + (Latin: fish)
Word Unit: pitheco-, pithec-, -pithecan, -pithecoid (Greek: ape, monkey)
Word Unit: pituit- + (Latin: phlegm, rheum)
Word Unit: plac-, placi-, -plais (Latin: to please, to satisfy; peace, peacefulness; calm, calmness)

Cross references directly, or indirectly, involving "calm, calmness, peace, quiet": pac-, peac-; quies-, quiet-; seren-.

Word Unit: placento-, placent-, placenta- (Latin: flat cake; cakelike mass, especially the uterine organ that connects the mother to the child by way of the umbilical cord)
Word Unit: plag-, plagu-, plague- (Greek > Latin: strike, stroke, blow, wound; beat the chest; lament loudly [while beating the chest]; pestilence)