Word Unit: phreat-, phreato-, phreati- + (Greek: a well, a tank, a reservoir; ground water)
Word Unit: phreno-, phren-, phreni-, phrenico-, phrenic-, -phrenia, -phrenic, -phrenically (Greek: mind, brain; the midriff or the diaphragm; mental disorder)

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving the "mind, mental" word units: anima-; anxi-; deliri-; hallucina-; menti-; moro-; noo-; nous; psych-; thymo-2.

Word Unit: phret-, phreto- + (Greek: phreatia, a well, a reservoir, a tank; a cistern, a pit)
Word Unit: phront-, phorntid-; phronemo-, phron- (Greek: thought, care, attention; think, thinking, contemplation)
Word Unit: phryno-, phryn- (Greek: toad)
Word Unit: phtheir-, phtheiro-, phthiri-, phthirio- (Greek: louse, lice)
Word Unit: phthisio-, phthis-, phthi-, -phthisis + (Greek: decay, waste away, waning; loss, diminution)

Word families with similar applications about: "decay, rotten; wasting away; putrid, pus" word units: puro- (pus); pus (viscous fluid via an infection); pustu- (blister, pimple); putre- (rotten, decayed); pyo- (pus; purulent); sapro- (rotten, putrid, putrefaction, decay); sepsi- (decay, rot, putrefactive); suppurant- (festering, forming or discharging pus); tabe- (wasting away, decaying).

Word Unit: phyco-, phyc- (Greek: alga, algae; seaweed)
Word Unit: phylacto-, phylact-, phylac-, phylax- (Greek: guard, protect, preserve)
Word Unit: phyllo-, phyll-, -phyll, -phyllous (Greek: leaf, leaves)
Word Unit: phylo-, phyl- (Greek: tribe, race; class; clan)
Word Unit: phys-, physo- + (Greek: breath, wind; pertaining to air or gas; bellows, bladder, bubble; swollen; as seen in many modern scientific terms)

Cross references of word groups that are related, directly or indirectly, to: "air, wind": aello-; aeolo-; aero-; anemo-; atmo-; austro-; flat-, flatu-; pneo-, -pnea; pneumato-; turb-; vent-; zephyro-.

Word Unit: physalo-, physal-, physali- + (Greek: bubble)
Word Unit: physic-, physico-, physi-, physio-, phy- (Greek: nature, natural, inborn [to make grow, to produce])
Word Unit: Physical Song (with special implications)
Word Unit: phyto-, phyt-, -phyte (Greek: a plant; growth; growing in a specified way or place; to produce)
Word Unit: pi; Π, π + (Greek: the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet; Π, π)
Word Unit: pica (Latin: magpie; related to Latin, picus, "woodpecker"; probably translated from Greek kissa, kitta, "magpie, jay")
Word Unit: Pica Again (a danger to both young and old)
Word Unit: pici-, pic- (Latin: woodpecker)