Word Unit: bosci-, bosc- (Greek > Latin: to feed, to graze)
Word Unit: botano-, botan- (Greek > Latin: plants, plant life [originally, "herb, grass, pasture"] to botany)
Word Unit: botch (of uncertain origin: to spoil; to bungle, to cause something to fail through carelessness or incompetence)
Word Unit: bothr- (Greek: pit, pitted; ditch; grooved)
Word Unit: botryo-, botry- (Greek: cluster, cluster of grapes, clusterlike, grapes)
Word Unit: botul-, botuli- + (Latin: [botulus] sausage)
Word Unit: bou-, bu- (Greek: cow, ox)

Related "bovine; cow, ox, bull" word units: bovo-; ox-; tauro-; vaccino-.

Word Unit: boustro- (Greek: turning like oxen in plowing; alternate lines in opposite directions; zig-zag procedure)
Word Unit: bovo-, bov-, bos- (Latin: cow, ox)

Related "bovine; cow, ox, bull" word units: bou-; ox-; tauro-; vaccino-.

Word Unit: brachi-, brachio- (Greek: arm [especially the upper arm from the shoulder to the elbow])
Word Unit: brachyo-, brachy-, -brachy, -brach (Greek: short, shortness, small [also expressed as "slow"])
Word Unit: bracte-, bract- (Latin: thin plate)
Word Unit: brady- + (Greek: slow, slowness; delayed, tardy; a prefix used in the sense of being "abnormally slow")
Word Unit: Brain Anxiety and Depression (anxieties and depressions are brain-based)
Word Unit: branchio-, branchi- (Greek: gills)
Word Unit: brepho-, breph- (Greek: fetus; infant; a combining form denoting relationship to the embryo, fetus, or newborn infant)
Word Unit: brevi-, brev- [brie-, bri-] + (Latin: short; shorten, make shorter, shortened)
Word Unit: broma-, bromat-, brom-, bro- + (Greek > Latin: food)

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "food, nutrition, nourishment": alimento-; carno-; cibo-; esculent-; sitio-; tropho-; Eating Crawling Snacks; Eating: Carnivorous-Plant "Pets"; Eating: Folivory or Leaf Eaters; Eating: Omnivorous.

Word Unit: bromo-, brom- + (Greek: stench, stink, bad odor; unpleasant bodily odor; bromine)

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "smell, odor": arom-; odor-, odori-; olfacto-; osmo-; osphresio-; ozon-.

Word Unit: broncho-, bronch-, bronchi-, bronchio- (Greek: windpipe or one of the two large branches of the trachea, the tube in air-breathing vertebrates that conducts air from the throat to the bronchi, strengthened by incomplete rings of cartilage)