Word Unit: caduceus + (Latin: the wand of a herald, herald's staff; specifically, the wand of Hermes [Greek] and Mercury [Latin])
Word Unit: Caesarean Section (Caesarean Surgery or Cesarean Surgery)
Word Unit: calami-, calamit- (Latin: damage, injury, loss, misfortune, disaster, disastrous, adversity)
Word Unit: calci-, calc-, calcane-, calcio-, calco-, calcar-, calx (Latin: lime, calcium; heel, bone of the tarsus; to tread; derived from calx, calcis, "limestone, lime, pebble"; from Greek words halix and psephos, "small stone, pebble".)
Word Unit: Calendar Elements Links (calendars from Roman to modern times)
Word Unit: Calendar Names of Days and Months in Different Languages (a compilation of several languages)
Word Unit: Calendar or Calendars Bibliography (books that have served as sources of information for the compilations of the various calendar histories and modern usages of several chronological topics)
Word Unit: Calendar, Anglo-Saxon Frigedaeg (Frigedaeg, an Anglo-Saxon name for Friday)
Word Unit: Calendar, Anglo-Saxon Monandaeg (Monandaeg, an Anglo-Saxon name for Monday)
Word Unit: Calendar, Anglo-Saxon Saterndaeg (Saterndaeg, an Anglo-Saxon name for Saturday)
Word Unit: Calendar, Anglo-Saxon Sunnandaeg (Sunnandaeg, an Anglo-Saxon name for Sunday)
Word Unit: Calendar, Anglo-Saxon Thorsdaeg (Thursdaeg, an Anglo-Saxon name for Thursday)
Word Unit: Calendar, Anglo-Saxon Tiw and Fenris (The Nordic story of Tiw and Fenris)
Word Unit: Calendar, Anglo-Saxon Tiwesdaeg (Tiwesdaeg, an Anglo-Saxon name for Tuesday)
Word Unit: Calendar, Anglo-Saxon Wodensdaeg (Wodensdaeg, an Anglo-Saxon name for Wednesday)
Word Unit: Calendar, April New Style (April, today's dates — the Roman way)
Word Unit: Calendar, Aprilis (April, another ancient Roman month)
Word Unit: Calendar, August New Style (August, today's dates — the Roman way)
Word Unit: Calendar, Augustus (August, formerly Sextilis)
Word Unit: Calendar, Bulgarian (Month and Day Names)