Word Unit: artio- + (Greek: even, matching; even number)
Word Unit: -ary (Latin: a suffix; a person who, a place where, a thing which, or pertaining to; connected with; having the character of; apparatus)
Word Unit: ascari-, ascarid- + (Greek: worm; maw-worm; intestinal worm)

A cross reference of other word family units that are related directly, or indirectly, with: "insects, bugs, worms; invertebrates": aphidi-; api-; culci-; Dung Beetle Survival; Dung Beetles Important; Eating Worms; entomo-; formic-; Guinea worms; helmintho-; insecto-; Insects: Importance; isopter-; larvi-; lepidopter-; meliss-; mosquito; Mosquito, other Languages; Mosquitoes, Pt. 1; Mosquitoes, Pt. 2; myrmeco-; scarab; scoleco-; sphec-; taeni-; termit-; vermo-.

Word Unit: asco-, asci-, asc-, ascidi-, ascid- (Greek: little bag, bag; bladder, pouch; bladder like, sac like; from leather bag, wine skin)
Word Unit: -ase (Greek: a suffix indicating an enzyme)
Word Unit: -asis (Greek > Latin: a suffix; used in medicine to denote a state or condition of)
Word Unit: asper- (Latin: rough; difficulty)
Word Unit: aspergillo-, aspergill- + (Latin: to sprinkle, to scatter)
Word Unit: aspido-, aspid- (Greek: shield; one who is armed with a shield)
Word Unit: -ast + (Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who; forms nouns from verbs in -ize; nouns denoting the adherent of a certain doctrine, principle, or custom)
Word Unit: aster-, -aster, -astrous (Greek: star, stars)
Word Unit: -aster, -astering, -asterism, -astery, -astress, -astry (Latin: something that is inferior, small, or shallow; expressing incomplete resemblance)
Word Unit: astheno-, asthen-; -asthenia, -asthenic (Greek: without strength)
Word Unit: astragalo-, astragal- (Greek: anklebone, talus ball of ankle joint; dice, die [the Greeks made these from ankle bones])
Word Unit: astrapo-, astrap- (Greek: lightning; the Greek verb strapto means "to hurl")

Cross references of word groups that are related, directly or indirectly, to: "lightning and/or thunder": bronto-; cerauno-, kerauno-; fulgur-; tonitro-, tonitru-.

Word Unit: astro-, astr- (Greek: star, stars, star shaped; also pertaining to outer space)
Word Unit: Astrology (the science of the stars, anciently equivalent to astronomy, which was known as natural astrology, and used to predict such natural events as eclipses, the date of Easter, and meteorological phenomena)
Word Unit: Astrophysics (understanding astronomical phenomena in terms of the laws of physics)
Word Unit: astut-, astu- (Latin: artful, cunning; shrewd, crafty)
Word Unit: atav- (Latin: grandfather; ancestor; father of a great-grandfather)