Word Unit: amalga- (Latin: Medieval Latin amalgama, perhaps from malagma, "poultice" or "plaster")
Word Unit: amat-, amor-, am- (Latin: love, loving; fondness for; such as a man for a woman and a woman for a man)

This "love" unit is the main source of the words in the ami- or "friend" unit.

Related "love, fondness" units: agape-; philo-; vener-; venus.

Word Unit: amatho-, amath-, amathi- + (Greek: sand [dust])

Other related "sand" units: ammo-; areni-; silico-; thino-.

Word Unit: amaxo-, amax-, amathi- (Greek: wagon, vehicle)
Word Unit: ambi-, amb-, ambo- (Latin: both, on both sides; around, about; vague; obscure)

Related "around, round, surrounding" units: ampho-; circ-; circum-; cyclo-, -cycle; gyro-; peri-.

Word Unit: amblyo-, ambly- + (Greek: dull, dullness, dim, dimness, blunt; stupid)
Word Unit: ambros-, ambro-, ambrot- + (Greek: food of the gods that gave immortality; immortal, divine, excellent)
Word Unit: ambul-, ambulat-, -ambulate, -ambulating, -ambulation -ambulator, -ambulatory, -ambulant, -ambulic, -ambulism, -ambulist (Latin: to walk, take steps, move around; from "to wander, to go astray")
Word Unit: ameno-, amoeno- + (Latin: pleasantness, delightfulness, loveliness)
Word Unit: ami-, amic- (Latin: friend, friendly; loveable; goodwill, cordial; peaceful relations)
Word Unit: ammo-, amm- (Greek: sand; used primarily in botany and zoology)

Other related "sand" units: amatho-; areni-; silico-; thino-.

Word Unit: amni- + (Latin: stream of water, river)

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "river, stream": fluvio-; meand-; oceano-; potamo-; ripari-.

Word Unit: amnio- (Greek: "bowl", or "lamb")
Word Unit: amoebo-, amoeb-, amoebi-, amebo-, ameb-, amebi-, -amoeba, -ameba + (Greek: change, alteration; return, exchange)
Word Unit: ampel-, ampelo- + (Greek: vine)
Word Unit: ampho-, amph-, amphi- (Greek: around, about, both, on both sides of, both kinds)

Related "around, round, surrounding" units: ambi-; circ-; circum-; cyclo-, -cycle; gyro-; peri-.

Word Unit: amphor- + (Greek (amphoreus > Latin (amphora): bottle, jar; a vessel with two handles or ears, a pitcher)
Word Unit: Amphora: The word and the @ symbol (Greek > Latin: @ two-handled; a vessel with two handles or ears; a pitcher or vase)
Word Unit: amplect-, amplexi-, amplex- + (Latin: embrace; clasp, clasping)
Word Unit: ampli-, ampl- (Latin: large, enlargement, spacious; comprehensive; enough, more than enough)