Word Unit: avi-, av- (Latin: bird, birds)
Word Unit: avid- (Latin: to long eagerly for; to wish, to desire; to have a keen interest in something; an intense eagerness to do something)
Word Unit: avuncul- (Latin: maternal uncle, uncle; mother's brother)
Word Unit: axi-, axl- + (Latin: axle; chariot, wagon)
Word Unit: axillo-, axill-, axil- (Latin: armpit; angle; borrowed directly from Latin ala which meant both "wing" and "the hollow under a wing or an arm")
Word Unit: axio-, axi- (Greek > Latin: worth, value)
Word Unit: axo-, ax-, axi- (Greek > Latin: axis)
Word Unit: azo-, az- + (Greek: without life; nitrogen)
Word Unit: azoto-, azot- + (Greek: indicates the presence of nitrogen in chemistry)
Word Unit: bacchus [BAK uhs] (Greek > Latin: an ancient Greek and Roman god of wine and revelry; earlier called Dionysus by the Greeks)
Word Unit: bacci-, bacc-, baccato- (Latin: berry)
Word Unit: bacillo-, bacill-, bacilli- (Latin: rod, staff, stick; a rod-shaped bacterium)
Word Unit: bacterio-, bacteri-, bacter-, -bacteria, -bacterial, -bacterially, -bacterium (Greek: rod-shaped micro-organism; used in biomedical terminology)
Word Unit: balano-, balan- + (Greek: acorn)
Word Unit: ballo-, ball-, balo-, bolo-, bol-, -bola, -bole, -bolic, -bolism, -bolite, -boly (Greek: throw, send, put; that which is thrown)
Word Unit: balne-, balneo- (Greek > Latin: bath, bathing; wash, washing)

Related "wash" words: clys-; lav-; luto-; plyno-.

Word Unit: balustrad-, balust-, balaust- + (Greek balaustion > Latin balaustium: supporting post of a railing on a balcony, staircase, etc. Borrowed from Italian balaustro, from balaustra; so called because of the resemblance of a baluster to the double-curving calyx tube of the "wild pomegranate flower".)
Word Unit: bapti- (Greek: to immerse or to dip into water)
Word Unit: barba-, barb-, barbat- (Latin: beard, beardlike)
Word Unit: barbar- (Greek > Latin: foreign, strange, outlandish)

Related "foreign, strange" word families: allotrio-; xeno-.