Word Unit: Animals, Pet Food (here's what pets are really eating)
Word Unit: aniso-, anis- + (Greek: unequal; by extension: unsymmetrical, uneven; dissimilar, unlike)
Word Unit: ankylo-, ankyl-, anky-, anchylo-, anchyl-, ancylo-, ancyl- (Greek: stiff, unmovable; adhesion; by extension, "bent, hooked, crooked, curved, looped")
Word Unit: ann-, anni-, annu- (Latin: year, yearly)
Word Unit: annul-, anul- (Latin: ring)
Word Unit: anomalo-, anomal- (Greek: irregular, uneven; abnormal)
Word Unit: anopheli-, anophel- (Greek > Latin: mosquito, mosquitoes)
Word Unit: Another Vocabulary Dictionary (a different kind of vocabulary lexicon that emphasizes English words primarily from Latin and Greek origins)
Word Unit: ans-, ansa-, ansi- + (Latin: jug handle; loop)
Word Unit: anseri-, anser- (Latin: geese [as well as swans and ducks])
Word Unit: -ant, -ants (Latin: a suffix; a person who, the thing which; people who, things which)
Word Unit: ante-, ant- (Latin: before, in front of, prior to, forward; used as a prefix)

Related before-word units: antero-; anti-; pre-; pro-.

Word Unit: antero- (Latin: before, in front of; fore, prior, preceding; used as a prefix)

Related before-word units: ante-; anti-; pre-; pro-.

Word Unit: anthimeria (Greek: one part for another)
Word Unit: antho-, anth-, anthero-, anther-, -antherous, -anthemous, -anthic, -anthous, -anthus, -anthy (Greek: flower, flowers; blossom, blossoms; that which buds or sprouts)
Word Unit: anthraco-, anthrac-, anthra- (Greek: coal, charcoal, carbuncle; carbon-dioxide)
Word Unit: anthrop-, anthropo-, -anthrope, -anthropic, -anthropical, -anthropically, -anthropism, -anthropist, -anthropoid, -anthropus, -anthropy (Greek: man, mankind; human beings; including, males (man, men; boy, boys) and females (woman, women; girl, girls); all members of the human race; people, humanity)

Links to other units that include the topic of "man", "mankind":
andro-; homo-; vir-.

Related "people, human" word units: demo-; ethno-; ochlo-; popu-; publi-.

Word Unit: anti- + (Latin: before; used as a prefix)

Related before-word units: ante-; antero-; pre-; pro-.

Word Unit: anti-, ant- (Greek: against, opposed to, preventive; used as a prefix)
Word Unit: antiqu- (Latin: old)