Word Unit: Capnophobia and Fumiphobia, Part 2 (Part 2 of 4: fear and hatred of tobacco smoke and the efforts to restrict smoking in public places)
Word Unit: Capnophobia and Fumiphobia, Part 3 (Part 3 of 4: fear and hatred of tobacco smoke and the efforts being made to restrict smoking where those who don't smoke are not adversely affected by those who are smokers)
Word Unit: Capnophobia and Fumiphobia, Part 4 (Part 4 of 4: smoking in public and the efforts to ban, or to restrict, second-hand smoke that threatens the lives of waiters, waitresses, and innocent customers so they don't have to suffer from the discomfort and health perils presented by smokers)
Word Unit: capri-, capr- (Latin: goat, resembling a goat)

Related goat-word units: aego-; hirco-; tragico-.

Word Unit: capsulo-, capsul-, caps- (Latin: a small box or chest; repository, case; enveloping or surrounding a structure)
Word Unit: carbo-, carb- (Latin: coal, charcoal)
Word Unit: Carbon Nanotubes (out of the laboratory and producing real applications)
Word Unit: carcer-, carcera- (Latin: prison, jail; an enclosed place)
Word Unit: carcino-, carcin- (Greek: cancer ["crab"])
Word Unit: cardin- (Latin: hinge, hinge of a door, pivot, that on which something turns; thus, principal, chief)
Word Unit: cardio-, cardi-, card- (Greek: heart, pertaining to the heart)

A cross reference of another word group that is related to: "heart": cor-, cord-.

Word Unit: caries, cario- + (Latin: decay, rottenness)
Word Unit: carin- + (Latin: keel)
Word Unit: carno-, carn-, carne-, carni- (Latin: flesh, meat)

Related "meat, flesh" word units: creo-, kreo-; sarco-.

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "food, nutrition, nourishment": alimento-; broma-; cibo-; esculent-; sitio-; tropho-; Eating Crawling Snacks; Eating: Carnivorous-Plant "Pets"; Eating: Folivory or Leaf Eaters; Eating: Omnivorous.

Word Unit: carotid-, caroti-, carotio- (Greek: karos, deep sleep, drowsiness; the great arteries of the neck)
Word Unit: carpho- (Greek: karphos, straw, dry stock, bit, or scrap; from karphein, to wither, to wrinkle, to dry)
Word Unit: carpo-, carp- (cerp-) + (Latin: to pluck, to pick out, to gather, to select)
Word Unit: carpo-, carp-, -carp, -carpic, -carpium, -carpous, -carpus (fruit) (Greek: fruit [or similar reproductive result]; to cut, to pluck)
Word Unit: carpo-, carp-, -carpals, -carpus (wrist) (Greek: wrist [literally, "that which turns"])
Word Unit: carr-, carri-; car-, cari- (Latin: wagon, cart; wheeled vehicle)