Word Unit: centi-, cent- (Latin: hundred; a decimal prefix used in the international metric system for measurements)

Related "metric" families: yotta; zetta; exa; peta; tera; giga; mega; kilo; hecto; deka; deci; milli; micro; nano; pico; femto; atto; zepto; yocto.

Word Unit: centro-, centr-, centri-, kentro- (Greek > Latin: center; middle point, mid point; focus, focal point, focalize; zero in on)
Word Unit: cerato-, cerat-, kerato-, kerat-, ker-, kera-, kerat- (Greek: horn, horny tissue; cornea)
Word Unit: ceraun-, keraun-; cerauno-, kerauno- (Greek: thunderbolt, thunder, lightning [literally, "smasher, crusher"])

Cross references of word groups that are related, directly or indirectly, to: "lightning and/or thunder": astrapo-; bronto-; fulgur-; tonitro-, tonitru-.

Word Unit: cerc- (Greek: tail)

Related "tail" word units: caudo-; uro-.

Word Unit: cerebello-, cerebelli-, cerebell- (Latin: brain)
Word Unit: cerebro-, cerebr-, cereb-, cerebri- (Latin: brain; that part of the brain that is concerned with the coordination of body movements)
Word Unit: cern-, cert-, cer-; cret-, creet-, cre- (Latin: to separate, to sift, to distinguish, to understand, to decide, to determine; separated, separation, to set apart; the glandular extraction or the movement out of a natural substance)
Word Unit: cero-, cer-, kero-, keri- (Greek: wax, waxy)
Word Unit: cerule- (Latin: sky-blue color; dark blue, azure)
Word Unit: cerum-, cerumini- (Greek: [from keros, beeswax, wax] formed of wax)
Word Unit: cervi-, cerv- (Latin: deer)
Word Unit: cervic-, cervico-, cervici-, cervi- + (Latin: neck; head-joint, throat)

Cross references related to "neck, throat" word families: coll-; esophag-; guttur-; laryng-; nuch-; trachel-.

Word Unit: ceto-, cet-, -cete, -ceti (Greek: a whale, or whales and other whale-like creatures)
Word Unit: cha- (Latin: to make warm, heat)
Word Unit: chaeto-, chaet-, chaeti-, cheto-, chet- (Greek: spine, bristle; long, flowing hair])
Word Unit: chalco-, chalc- (Greek: copper; brass)
Word Unit: chalico-, chalic- (Greek: gravel, pebbles, rubble)
Word Unit: chamae-, chame- (Greek: on the ground, low; by extension, "dwarf-like")