botano-, botan-

(Greek > Latin: plants, plant life [originally, "herb, grass, pasture"] to botany)

Anyone who studies the possibility that plants grow on other planets.
A branch of botany that investigates the possibility that plants grow on other planets.
botanical (adjective) (not comparable)
Descriptive of the study of plants: In class, Mr. Tree suggested that his students buy a botanical textbook that they could use for the rest of the year.
botanical plants
botanography (s) (noun), botanographies (pl)
Written descriptions of plants or of various kinds of vegetations.
Divination with plants, herbs; a method of divination by burning the branches of vervein [now, vervain; “verbena, sacred boughs or certain medicinal plants”] and brier, upon which were carved the questions of the diviner.

Variations included scattering the leaves of vervein [vervain] or heather in a high wind. Another method was by writing sentences on leaves that were exposed to the wind, the divination would be gathered from those leaves which were left.

Interpretations were also made from the crackling sounds made when certain plants were thrown on the fire or crushed in the hands.

It is also considered a form of pyromancy or the interpretation of burned or burning tree branches and leaves.

Botanomancy is also considered a general term for divination which uses any plant or plant part.

botanophilous (adjective), more botanophilous, most botanophilous
Referring to the fondness of plants: Sally certainly had a botanophilous interest in all kinds of flowering plants and had quite a colourful garden when they were all in bloom!
botanophobia (s) (noun), botanophobias (pl)
An abnormal or excessive fear of plants in general or of specific plants: Botanophobia can be noticed in the definite aversion of poison ivy and poison oak.
botany (s), botanies (pl) (nouns)
That vocational branch of biological science that embraces the study of plants and plant life, including algae; and it also deals with taxonomy, morphology, physiology, and other aspects of plant science:

While botany is the study of plants, it is divided into many areas including:

  • Plant taxonomy, a description of plants and their arrangements into classes.
  • Plant geography, the location of certain plants.
  • Plant ecology, studies of the relationships between plants and the environment.
  • Paleobotany, ancient plants.
  • Phytopathology, plant diseases.
  • Economic botany, how plants can be used as products.
  • Plant morphology, the physical structure of plants:
    • Physiology, the function of plant parts.
    • Cytology, the study of plant cells and their parts.
    • Anatomy and histology, the internal structure of plants.
A reference to ethnobotany.