(Latin: suffix; able manner, capably)

Forming adverbs corresponding to adjectives in -able.

innumerably (adverb), more innumerably, most innumerably
Concerning that which is too multitudinous or cannot be estimated: An example of an innumerably excessive number would be snow flakes or hail falling during a winter storm and rain drops that fall when it is raining.
insatiably (adverb), more insatiably, most insatiably
insufferably (adverb), more insufferably, most insufferably
Something that is too unpleasant, or too difficult, to accept: As a patient, Laura's insufferably arrogant attitude towards the medical staff at the hospital made it very difficult for them to provide her with the care that she needed.
To an insuperable degree.
insupportably (adverb), more insupportably, most insupportably
A reference to an action that is unjustifiable or indefensible: It was an insupportably aggressive act when little Sally pushed a smaller boy at the playground and made him fall down and hurt himself.
1. Incapable of being surmounted, passed over, or overcome.
2. Too great to be overcome.
interminably (adverb), more interminably, most interminably
Seeming to be unceasing, tedious, or appearing to go on forever: The interminably long meeting finally ended just before lunch.
intolerably (adverb), more intolerably, most intolerably
1. A reference to situation which is impossible to tolerate or endure; unbearable: "Mary suffered intolerably with an agony that made her life miserable.
2. To a degree beyond endurance: Last winter was intolerably cold then the summer was intolerably hot and dry.