(Latin: suffix; able manner, capably)

Forming adverbs corresponding to adjectives in -able.

unaccountably (adverb), more unaccountably, most unaccountably
Concerning something that is not able to be explained or understood: Wilber's father said that he felt unaccountably good when he got up that morning.
unalterably (adverb), more unalterably, most unalterably
A reference to how something is incapable of being changed or modified: There is an unalterabley bitter cold season during a Siberian winter.
unamiably (adverb), more unamiably, most unamiably
Characterizing how a person has a hostile or unpleasant nature: Mr. Bottom was described as an unamiably and disagreeably old man.
unappealably (adverb), more unappealably, most unappealably
Referring to how a judgement is not capable of being pleaded or overruled: The legal action that involved Bob was unappealably rejected and could not be carried to a higher court.
unappeasably (adverb), more unappeasably, most unappeasably
1. Descriptive of how an individual cannot be satisfied or has an insatiable greed for an activity or pursuit: Tom was unappeasably thirsty and so drank about 2 litres of water in a very short time!
2. Pertaining to how a person cannot be calmed; how a state of peace, calm, or contentment cannot be achieved: Mary was unappeasably distressed after losing her job and having so many debts to pay.
unavoidably (adverb), more unavoidably, most unavoidably
1. A description of how something cannot be prevented or ignored: The visitors to Eugene's home were unavoidably delayed in arriving as they had planned because of the heavy traffic on the streets.
2. A reference to how a situation or condition is certain to happen: When strong cyclones or tornadoes take place, there are bound to be unavoidably severe electrical outages, travel accidents, etc.
uncharitably (adverb), more uncharitably, most uncharitably
1. Descriptive of how love and generosity are lacking: Although Brad had tons of money, he uncharitably hoarded it and never donated anything to worthwhile charities.
2. Pertaining to how someone is harsh and severe: Wilber looked at his brother with his eyes uncharitably gleaming and his lips tight in a straight line.
3. Regarding how a person is unfair or unkind: Mary remarked quite uncharitably about Sam's failure to achieve the tennis championship?
uncomfortably (adverb), more uncomfortably, most uncomfortably
Descriptive of how an individual feels pain, is suffering, or is in an uneasy state: After dinner Susan experienced an uncomfortably nervous sensation in her stomach and quickly went to the bathroom!

The sofa was too short for Susan and she lay uncomfortably, but nevertheless tried to go to sleep.

Throughout the flight from Frankfurt to Toronto, Mr. Simmons had to sit with his legs uncomfortably; bent behind the seat in front of him.

unconquerably (adverb), more unconquerably, most unconquerably
Regarding how something cannot be defeated, subdued, or overpowered: Jack's unconquerably good humor could not be surpassed by the sudden snowstorms.
undeniably (adverb), more undeniably, most undeniably
Descriptive of how something is admitted to be clearly true; indisputably: Sharon is undeniably considered to be the best piano player of her time.
unendurably (adverb), more unendurably, most unendurably
Pertaining to how something proceeds in an unpleasant or an intolerable way: Mrs. Jackson couldn’t put up with the unendurably obnoxious behavior of the student any longer and so she sent him to the principal’s office!
unfavorably (adverb), more unfavorably, most unfavorably
1. Descriptive of how a person expresses disapproval or lack of support: Mandy reacted quite unfavorably when asked if she could substitute for another teacher who had to take her dog for a walk!
2. Denoting how a condition or circumstance can cause adverse problems: The economic situations for many businesses have turned out unfavorably during the coronavirus pandemic.
unimaginably (adverb), more unimaginably, most unimaginably
Pertaining to how something is unbelievable; unthinkably; inconceivably: Some of the world's skyscrapers are unimaginably high and disappear into the clouds above!
unimpeachably (adverb), more unimpeachably, most unimpeachably
1. Regarding how something is difficult or impossible to denounce: Mrs. Hathaway, the witness, testified unimpeachably during the trial.
2. Referring to how a person acts beyond reproach; blamelessly: The children behaved unimpeachably during the trip.
3. Pertaining to how something is beyond doubt; unquestionably: She produced unimpeachably many works of greatness.
unjustifiably (adverb), more unjustifiably, most unjustifiably
A reference to how something is said or done without a reasonable excuse: Jim's mother unjustifiably scolded him for breaking the glass, he didn't do at all!