(Latin: suffix; able manner, capably)

Forming adverbs corresponding to adjectives in -able.

immovably (adverb), more immovably, most immovably
Concerning how an object is fixed or incapable of changing places: During their hike, Susan and Doug viewed the high mountains looming immovably above the little village below.
impalpable (adjective), more impalpable, most impalpable
1. A reference to an incapability of perceiving something by the sense of touch; intangible or untouchable: People have to accept the fact that there could be impalpable spirits because there is no way we can feel them.
2. Pertaining to something which is difficult for the mind to grasp readily or easily: The impalpable distinctions of the word meanings of homonyms can be confusing, especially for foreigners who are learning English.
3. Descriptive of something impossible to detect by touching it because it is extremely fine or small: The flour that Jim was rubbing between his fingers was so impalpable that no grit could be felt.
4. Etymology: from Late Latin directly, or via French, impalpabilis; literally, "not touchable" from in, "not" + palpare, "to touch gently".
Not perceivable by touch.
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impassably (adverb), more impassably, most impassably
Characteristizing how something is incapable of being crossed over or traveled along: After the terrible rain storm, the dirt roads were impassably muddy and full of large holes.

The hallway in Janet's home was almost immpassably blocked by her little daughter's toys, blocks, and dolls.

impeccable (im PEK uh b'l) (adjective), more impeccable, most impeccable
1. Descriptive of something so perfect or flawless as to be beyond criticism: Sam had an impeccable record as a reliable mail carrier in Helena's neighborhood.
2. Concerning something or someone being without faults or errors: Dr. Brown’s reputation as an impeccable physician makes him a desirable consultant for other medical doctors.
Without sin, fautless.
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imperturbable (adjective), more imperturbable, most imperturbable
1. Not easily excited or upset: Despite the bad weather conditions, Rodney had an imperturbable attitude about preparing for his trip.
2. Marked by extreme calm and composure: Aurora had an imperturbable reaction to the criticisms presented by her fellow workers about having to work overtime.
Calm and not easily agitated.
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Calm and not easily disturbed.
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impregnably (adverb), more impregnably, most impregnably
Descriptive of how someone or something is incapable of being brought under control or defeated: The army captain was impregnably encouraging his soldiers to oppose the advancement of their enemies.
impressionably (adverb), more impressionably, most impressionably
Relating to how a person is easily affected: The memory of her parents was still impressionably vivid, even after so many years.

Some teenagers are sometimes impressionably influenced by popular musicians or movie stars and want to behave, talk, or dress like them.

improbably (adverb), more improbably, most improbably
1. Pertaining to something that is not easy to believe: In Toronto Sam finally was able to see the improbably tall CN Tower, rising much higher than any of the other buildings in the downtown area.
2. Concerning something that is unlikely to take place or be true: Dick thought that his invention would conceivably, but improbably, be realized, but he never gave up hope that it would someday come true!
improvably (adverb) (not comparable)
Concerning how something or someone advances to a more desirable, valuable, or excellent state: Neal and Stella could see the workers improvably proceeding with the roof only after a few months of building their new house!

Joan practiced piano improvably from day to day and her parents complimented her on her progress.

imputably (adverb), more imputably, most imputably
Regarding how something is capable of being assigned or credited to: The mistake on the receipt was not imputably compiled by the man at the hotel because it was the result of a computer malfunction.
inalienably (adverb), more inalienably, most inalienably
1. Descriptive of how something cannot be taken away from anyone: There are rights that are inalienably secured for citizens of a country.
2. Relating to how something cannot be surrendered or transferred to another person: Joan read in a book that a person's body and feelings are at least two things that are inalienably his or her very own.
inalterably (adverb), more inalterably, most inalterably
Referring to something that is impossible to redo or to restructure: Contractors told the apartment owner that he had an inalterably old building that should be torn down, and then replaced with a new building.
incommensurably (adverb), more incommensurably, most incommensurably
Concerning how something is incapable of being measured or compared in excellence, size, or value: All the useful devices in the room are incommensurably astonishing and amazing and cannot be replaced at all!
incomparably (adverb), more incomparably, most incomparably
A reference to how something is immeasurably great; eminently: Mr. and Mrs. Thompson thought that the dinner they had was incomparably excellent and superior and decided to go back to the same restaurant in the very near future.
inconceivably (adverb), more inconceivably, most inconceivably
Descriptive of how something or someone is beyond belief or understanding; incredibly: Jack was inconceivably strong for his age and stronger than any of his peers!

Covid-19 is an inconceivably dangerous virus that is still raging around the world.