(Latin: suffix; able manner, capably)

Forming adverbs corresponding to adjectives in -able.

presumably, supposedly
presumably (pri ZOOM uh bli) (adverb)
Regarding how something is assumed to be true without specific facts: Walt was presumably not aware that it would be sunny in the afternoon.
supposedly (suh POHZ uhd li) (adverb)
Pretendingly, allegedly, believingly: Ronda was supposedly Wilber's best friend and he could not imagine that she would tell such lies about him.

Supposedly the family should be able to drive to the city and home again in three hours.

David supposedly was to have started the new job last week. He had hoped to receive the contract to sign two weeks ago; but it was presumably delayed in the mail.

1. In all likelihood; very likely.
2. With considerable certainty; without much doubt.
3. Easy to believe on the basis of available evidence.
1. In a productive way.
2. Beneficial; useful.
In an obvious and provable manner.
questionably (adverb), more questionably, most questionably
Done in a way that is doubtful and not necessarily completely honest: The company president's statement to the press was done in a questionably weak manner, raising questions about her integrity.
1. In a faithful manner.
2. Referring to something, or someone, that is reliable and which can be trusted or believed because of working or behaving well in the way one would expect.
reputably (adverb)
Descriptive of having a good reputation; of good repute; estimable, honorable, respectable; regarding acts, employments, circumstances, etc.