(Latin: suffix; able manner, capably)

Forming adverbs corresponding to adjectives in -able.

respectably, respectfully, respectively
respectably (ri SPEKT tuh bli) (adverb)
Descriptive of how something is completed in a properly, decently, and morally reputable manner: At the end of the story, the two love birds were respectably married and lived happily ever after.
respectfully (ri SPEKT fuhl li) (adverb)
Pertaining to how someone acts in a way which shows that he or she is aware of the rights, wishes, etc. of others: The secretary for the meeting recorded that the deputy mayor respectfully suggested that the meeting be adjourned until the following week.
respectively (ri SPEKT tiv lee) (adverb)
Regarding how someone mentions or designates each person or object individually in a given order: When Mrs. Smart stated that the class did outstanding work, she was referring to each of the pupils respectively.

Susanne identified the actors as antagonist and protagonist respectively; so, she respectfully requested that they quit acting silly and start rehearsing their parts respectably.

A reference to activating, setting in motion, or taking up again, and renewing.
revocably, revokably (adverb) (not comparable)
Relating to how something can be canceled, recanted, renounced, or annulled: Doug’s old driver’s license was revocably declared invalid when he received his new one.
seasonably (adverb, more seasonably, most seasonably
1. Descriptive of being normal for a certain time of the year: Some areas have been having seasonably cool weather while others have abnormally warm conditions.
2. Etymology: from Latin satio-, "a sowing, a seedtime".
In a sociable, or gregarious, manner; such as, a companion.
sufferably (adverb), more sufferably, most sufferably
In a manner that can be tolerated or endured, even with difficulty: The doorman's impolite behavior towards Mr. and Mrs. Dawson when they went to the museum was sufferably unpleasant.
suitably (adverb)
A reference to the possibility of overcoming a problem or difficulty.
supportably (adverb), more supportably, most supportably
In a manner that is barely endurable or managed: Kate's stoicism was seen as a supportably acceptable emotion given the circumstances.
taxably (adverb)
terminably (adverb) (not comparable)
Specifically referring to the ending of an enterprise at a set time; a conclusion of expectations of a document or an agreement: The contract with Jack, the carpenter, stated that the work on the house must be terminably completed by the specified date.