(Latin: suffix; able manner, capably)

Forming adverbs corresponding to adjectives in -able.

comparably (adverb), more comparably, most comparably
1. Pertaining to how something is contrasted or likened to something else: The incomes of the working people in the country did not increase comparably to the growth and development of the economy.
2. Concerning how something is contrasted or distinguished from another thing: During the Christmas shopping days, the crowds on Fridays were comparably smaller than those on Saturdays.
compellably (adverb) (not comparable)
1. Referring to how something or a person has enough pressure to force someone else into a course of action: Drivers are compellably enforced to have car insurance.
2. Conveying how a person feels a strong and irresistible urge to do something: Jane was compellably drawn to have just one more potato chip from the bag she bought at the store!
compliably (adverb), more compliably, most compliably
Regarding how something or someone is willing to yield or is capable of bending; compliantly: Mary compliably conceded to writing the minutes of the staff meeting.
conceivably (adverb), more conceivably, most conceivably
Pertaining to how something is feasible or imaginable; plausibly; potentially: The chairman wanted to have a meeting as soon as conceivably possible.
conformably (adverb), more conformably, most conformably
1. Pertaining to how something is done in a suitable or agreeable manner: In the meeting the members had to decide conformably if the new rules would apply or not.
2. Descriptive of how strata follow in a successive sequence under similar conditions: In the book Jack was reading it said that some very young fossils were lying conformably on top layers of sediments with fossils of earlier times.
conjecturably (adverb), conjecturably, most conjecturably
Pertaining to how an opinion or theory is based only on speculation and without evidence of proof: Mark made his decision conjecturably by believing what he had heard from his friends and not from the specialists themselves.
conversably (adverb), more conversably, most conversably
Regarding how a person talks in a pleasant way: Linda was a person who could converseably chat with her friends about the latest fashions.
creditably (adverb), more creditably, most creditably
1. A reference to how a person has financial trust: The creditably reliable report from the bank made it possible for Florence to borrow and to pay for her vocational training so she could get a better job.
2. Pertaining to how an individual acts in a morally reputable manner; respectably: Tom was brought up by his parents to behave in a creditably proper way when in the company of grown-ups.
culpably (adverb), more culpably, most culpably
Pertaining to how someone or something deserves blame or censure; reprehensibly: The small group of students were culpably reproached by the principal of the school because they didn't notify the teacher on yard duty of the fight that took place in the farthest corner of the schoolyard the day before.
curably (adverb), more curably, most curably
A reference to how procedures show possibilities of healing: Mark's illness was very serious, however the doctors were determined to find a curably successful treatment for him.
damnably (adverb), more damnably, most damnably
Expressing how something is done in a detestable way: It wasdamnably unjustified and undeserving that Justin got the better grade in English than Mark, since Mark always did better in class and had better grades on his tests.
definably (adverb), more definably, most definably
Descriptive of how something is made clear or illustrated in a comprehensible manner: The doctor's presentation to the students was the most definably understood explanation of the disease than any which had been previously given.
demonstrably (adverb), more demonstrably, most demonstrably
Relating to how something is shown in an obvious and provable way: The politicians had a demonstrably lack of concern for the general welfare of their country.
dependably (adverb), more dependably, most dependably
1. Pertaining to how someone, or something, behaves as usual or as expected: Mrs. Smith always asked Tim to do her shopping because he was dependably reliable in helping her.
2. Descriptive of how something inspires trust or confidence: Even though Linda's car was old, it always drove dependably to her destinations.
deplorably (adverb), more deplorably, most deplorably
Concerning how a person acts in an unfortunate, wretched, or bad manner: The children behaved deplorably and dreadfully at Jill's party.