(Latin: suffix; able manner, capably)

Forming adverbs corresponding to adjectives in -able.

assignably (adverb), more assignably, most assignably
availably (adverb), more availably, most availably
Relating to or characterized by being accessible, willing, and ready to help out: "The governing body of the political party was secretive about the availably clandestine funds for its candidates."
avoidably (adverb), more avoidably, most avoidably
A description of the ability to shun or to keep away from doing something: Despite her efforts, Lina was unable to have an avoidably safe parking situation in the crowded car lot.

Karen's avoidably excessive eating was making her become over weight.

capably (adverb), more capably, most capably
charitably (adjective), more charitably, most charitably
Kindly; liberally; benevolently; with a disposition to help the poor and needy.
cognizably (adverb), more cognizably, most cognizably
Regarding the way a person perceives or is aware of what is going on: Sally read a poem to the class very cognizably, showing that she understood what she was reciting.
commendably (adverb), more commendably, most commendably
Referring to being praised, admired, or lauded: Certainly the mechanics and body repairmen were commendably prompt in completely restoring and renovating the car within 24 hours after the accident!
communicably (adverb)
A reference to that which moves easily from one place to another one: "The rare virus communicably transmitted itself to a new species and made it difficult to identify and to control."