(Latin: suffix; able manner, capably)

Forming adverbs corresponding to adjectives in -able.

appliably (adverb), more appliably, most appliably
1. Pertaining to how someone puts something to use: Jack leaned against the door appliably and it opened.
2. Concerning how a person employs action to accomplish something: The brakes in the car were used appliably so that the car would come to a complete stop.
3. Descriptive to how something is suitable or pertinent: The issue is appliably relevant and can be used in the court case.
applicably (adverb), more applicably, most applicably
Relating to how something can be used in an appropriate and practical way: The two methods of waste control are both applicably effective and should be considered in the next meeting.
appreciably (adverb), more appreciably, most appreciably
Denoting how an amount of people or things changes significantly or perceptibly: During the night the temperature became appreciably of considerably colder.
assignably (adverb), more assignably, most assignably
1. Referring to how something is allocated: The hotel rooms were assignably reserved for the visiting teachers from Tuesday to Wednesday.
2. Concerning how a project or undertaking is given as a task: The homework was to be completed assignably by the students in Mrs. Smart's class.
3. Describing how an object, a fact, a feature is designated or named: Any day in the week can be assignably specified for the board meeting.
availably (adverb), more availably, most availably
Relating to how something or someone is accessible, willing, and ready to help out: The governing body of the political party was secretive about the availably clandestine funds for its candidates.
avoidably (adverb), more avoidably, most avoidably
A description of the ability of how a person shuns or keeps away from doing something: Despite her efforts, Lina was unable to have an avoidably safe parking situation in the crowded car lot.

Karen's avoidably excessive eating was making her become overweight.

capably (adverb), more capably, most capably
Characterizing how a person performs competently: Joan worked capably at her computer while filling out the forms required by her supervisor.
censurably (adverb), more censurably, most censurably
Descriptive of how a person deserves blame or condemnation: Jack hurt his sister on purpose which his mother censurably reproved and sent him to his room!
charitably (adverb), more charitably, most charitably
Referring to how a person helps others in a kind and benevolent way: Mrs. Smith always donated money charitably to the relief organisations in her town.
cognizably (adverb), more cognizably, most cognizably
Regarding the way a person perceives or is aware of what is going on: Sally read a poem to the class very cognizably, showing that she understood what she was reciting.
colorably (adverb), more colorably, most colorably
Characterizing how a circumstance, event, statement, etc. appears true, but is actually false: The claims presented turned out to be colorably unfounded and invalid since there was no evidence to support them.
comfortably (adverb), more comfortably, most comfortably
1. Descriptive of how a person is physically at ease and relaxed: In the evening Susan snuggled under her warm blanket comfortably and read some more in her book.
2. Relating to how an individual is mentally contented: Monroe works comfortably and competently at his job with plenty of time off for breaks and for lunch.
3. Pertaining to how someone is well-off financially: After retiring from teaching, Lynn was able to live comfortably in her lovely condo in the university town and able to visit her children any time she wanted to.
commendably (adverb), more commendably, most commendably
Referring to how someone is praised, admired, or lauded: Certainly the mechanics and body repairmen were commendably prompt in completely restoring and renovating the car within 24 hours after the accident!
commensurably (adverb), more commensurably, most commensurably
Pertaining to how something is measured by a conventional and customary standard: Clocks all over the world tick away commensurably by seconds, minutes, and hours.
communicably (adverb), more communicably, most communicably
A reference to how something moves easily from one place to another: The rare virus communicably transmitted itself to a new species and made it difficult to identify and to control.