(Latin: suffix; able manner, capably)

Forming adverbs corresponding to adjectives in -able.

noticeably (adverb)
A reference to something that is easily seen or easily recognized.
objectionably (adverb), more objectionably, most objectionably
Conveying offensive or disapproving behavior, textual contents, etc.: "Mason was told that before he tries to delete any objectionably written material from his news article, he should determine what would probably offend readers."
palatableness, palatably
The quality of being agreeable to the taste; to relish.
pardonably (adverb), more pardonably, most pardonably
In a manner that is excusable or forgivable: "The guests to the ball were pardonably and fashionably late in arriving."
peaceably (adverb)
1. In a peaceable manner.
2. A reference to being peaceful and undisturbed.
perceivably (adverb), more perceivably, most perceivably
persuadably (adjective), more persuadably, most persuadably
pleasurably (adverb)
predictably (adverb); more predictably, most predictably
Able to be anticipated or expected: "The Senator made a predictably hostile interruption when the man started to criticize him about his political position."
preferably (adverb), more preferably, most preferably
Pertaining to something that is by choice, more acceptable: John listens to the radio quite often; however, he would preferably watch old movies on the television.