Word Unit: stri-, strio- + (Latin: furrow, furrowed; groove, grooved)
Word Unit: stridu-, strid- (Latin: creaking, making a creaking sound; a shrill sound; a harsh sound)
Word Unit: string-, strict-, strain-, -stringence, -stringency, -stringe, -stringent (Latin: draw tight, to bind, to compress)
Word Unit: stroph-, -strophy, -strophe, -strophical, -strophism, -strophic, -strophes, strepto-, strept- (Greek: turn, twist; bend)

Inter-related cross references involving word units meaning "bend, curve, turn": diversi-; diverticul-; flect-, flex-; gyro-; meand-; -plex; streph-; tors-; tropo-; verg-; vers-; volv-.

Word Unit: stru-, struct-, -structure, -struction, -structive (Latin: to build, to build up; to pile; to construct; to place together, to arrange)

Related "together" units: com-; greg-; inter-.

Word Unit: strum-, strumo-, strumi- (Latin: swollen gland, goiter)
Word Unit: stud-, studi- (Latin: eagerness, to be eager; to be diligent; to be pressing forward)
Word Unit: stulti-, stult- (Latin: foolish, foolishness, folly, silliness)
Word Unit: stup-, stupe- + (Latin: amazing, dull, dullness, numbed, numbness, stunned, stupefied)
Word Unit: stygio, stygi-, styx- (Greek > Latin: hate, hating, hated, hateful; abhor, abhorrence; loathsome, loathing)

Related "hate, hatred" word sources: miso-; odi-.

Word Unit: styl-, stylo-, styli- + (Greek: column; pillar; pillarlike implement or structure, especially the styloid process of the temporal bone)
Word Unit: stypt- + (Greek: astringent [from the verb styphein, "to contract, to be astringent")
Word Unit: suad-, suas-, suav- (Latin: suavis, "sweet"; suadere, "to advise"; "to make something pleasant to, to present in a pleasing manner"; hence "to recommend, to advise")
Word Unit: sub-, suc-, suf-, sug-, sum-, sup-, sur-, sus-, su- (Latin: under, below, beneath; used as a prefix as shown in various formats below)
Word Unit: subter- (Latin: under, beneath, secretly, less than; formed from sub-)
Word Unit: succ-, succi- (Latin: sap)
Word Unit: sucho-, -suchus (Greek: crocodile; Egyptian name for crocodile)
Word Unit: sudor-, sudo-, sudori-, suda- sud- (Greek > Latin: sweat, sweating; perspire, perspiring, perspiration)
Word Unit: sug-, sugo-, -sugia (Latin: to suck, sucking)
Word Unit: sui- (Latin: self, of oneself)