Word Unit: serv-, -serve (Latin: servare, to watch, to keep safe, to protect, to maintain; to preserve)
Word Unit: sesqui- (Latin: one and a half; normally used as a prefix; from Latin, semis “half” + que “and”)
Word Unit: set-, seto-, seti- + (Latin: bristle [short stiff hair on an animal or plant, or a mass of short stiff hairs growing; especially, on a hog's back or a man's face])
Word Unit: sex-, sexi-, sext- (Latin: six, sixth; a word element for number 6)
Word Unit: sheol + (Hebrew: the grave; hell; pit [a gloomy netherworld for departed spirits; Shoel is the counterpart of Hades and Tartarus])

Cross references of word groups that are related, directly or indirectly, to: "bury, burial, cemetery, grave; sleeping place": coimetro-; Epitaphs; funer-; sepulc-; tapho-.

Word Unit: Shrews: A Variety of Shrew Species (just a few of the many species of shrews)
Other related "shrew" units:

shrews word units.

Animals, Elephant Shrews.

Word Unit: shrine + (Latin: scrinium, a case, chest, box, or receptacle; especially, one in which are deposited sacred relics, bones of a saint, or sacred books and documents)
Word Unit: sialo-, sial- + (Greek: saliva (suh LIGH vuh); spittle, foam from the mouth; the salivary glands)

Other related saliva and/or spittle units: ptyalo-; salivo-; sput-.

Word Unit: sicca-, sicc- + (Latin: drying, dry; withered; arid)
Word Unit: sidero-, sider- (iron) (Greek: iron; things made of iron)
Word Unit: sidero-, sider- (star) (Latin: star, stars)
Word Unit: sigma; Σ, σ, ς + (Greek: the eighteenth letter of the Greek alphabet; Σ, σ [beginning of word], ς [end of word])
Word Unit: sigmoido-, sigmo- + (Greek: sigmoeides, shaped like the letter sigma; pertaining to the sigmoid flexure, the S-shaped bend in the colon; a combining form that usually denotes the sigmoid colon)
Word Unit: sign- (Latin: mark, token, indication; a fact, a condition, or a quality)
Word Unit: silen- (Latin: absence of sound; quiet, still)
Word Unit: silhouette (French: an outline portrait or an illustration of one color)
Word Unit: silico-, silic- (Latin: flint, quartz, sand; a crystalline compound [SiO2])

Other related "sand" units: amatho-; ammo-; areni-; thino-.

Word Unit: Silk: Past and Present (Origins of silk and present production)
Word Unit: simal-, simil-, simul-, -semble (Latin: same, like, alike; same time; to appear, to seem; together)
Word Unit: sincer- (Latin: sound; pure, clean, whole, genuine, untainted)