Word Unit: cyber- (Greek: steersman, pilot, helmsman; to steer, guide, govern, governor; computer-mediated electronic communications)
Word Unit: Cyberspace (a background)
Word Unit: cyclo-, cycl-, -cycle, -cyclic, -cyclical, -cycles (Greek: around, round, circle, circular)

Related "around, round, surrounding" units: ambi-; ampho-; circ-; circum-; gyro-; peri-.

Word Unit: cyesio-, cyes-, cyo- + (Greek: to be pregnant; pregnancy)

Related "pregnant, pregnancy" word units: cyo-; gravido-.

Word Unit: cyg- (Latin: swan)
Word Unit: cylindro-, cylindr-, cylindri- (Greek > Latin: roller, roller-shaped figure; used in the sense of being "roller-shaped, column-shaped")
Word Unit: cymo-, cym-, cymo- + (Greek: wave; sprout)
Word Unit: cyno-, cyn-, kyno-, kyn- (Greek: dog; like a dog)

Related "dog" word family: cani-.

Word Unit: cyo-, cy-, kyo- (Greek: embryo, fetus; pertaining to pregnancy or to a fetus)

Related "pregnant, pregnancy" word units: cyo-; gravido-.

Word Unit: cyprido-, cyprid-, cypri-, cyprid-, (Greek: Kypris, a name for Venus or Aphrodite; a lewd or licentious woman)
Word Unit: cyrt-, cyrto-, kyrt-, kyrto- + (Greek: bent, curved)
Word Unit: cysto-, cyst-, cysti-, cystido- (Greek: sac or bladder which contains fluid [or gas, as in pneumatocyst]; urinary bladder)
Word Unit: cyther-, cythero- + (Greek: Kytheria; another name for Venus or Aphrodite)
Word Unit: cyto-, cyt-, -cyte, cytio- (Greek: cells, cell, hollow; used primarily in the extended sense of "animal or plant cells" [because cells were originally thought to be hollow])

A cross reference of word units that are related, directly or indirectly, to "cell, cells, cell nucleus": celli-; cellulo-; endothelio-; gameto-; glio-; kary-, karyo-; neuro-.