Word Unit: Chemical Element: xenon (Modern Latin: from Greek, xenon, "stranger"; gas)
Word Unit: Chemical Element: ytterbium (Modern Latin: named for Ytterby, a quarry in Sweden where the first rare earth had been discovered; rare earth)
Word Unit: Chemical Element: yttrium (Modern Latin: named for Ytterby, near Vaxholm in Sweden; rare earth)
Word Unit: Chemical Element: zinc (Modern Latin: from German, zink; metal)
Word Unit: Chemical Element: zirconium (Modern Latin: from Arabic, zargun, "gold color"; metal)
Word Unit: Chemical Elements Chart History, Part 1 of 2 (History of the Chemical Elements Table)
Word Unit: Chemical Elements Chart History, Part 2 of 2 (History of the Chemical Elements Table)
Word Unit: Chemical Elements List (Chemical Elements are Listed with Links to Information about Each Chemical Element)
Word Unit: chemo-, chem-, chemico-, chemi-, -chemist, -chemic, -chemical + (Arabic > Greek > Latin: the art of combining base metals [to make gold]; from Greek, chemia, “Egypt”, supposedly where the art of changing metals into gold existed)
Word Unit: chi; Χ, χ + (Greek: twenty-second letter of the Greek alphabet; Χ, χ)
Word Unit: chiasto-, chiasm- + (Greek: crossed, laid crosswise)
Word Unit: chili- + (Greek: thousand, thousands; thousandth, thousandths,)
Word Unit: chim-, chimer- + (Greek: khimaira, fabled monster; unreal, fantastic, imaginary, fanciful, unrealistic; however, in medical and other scientific fields, characterized by two or more genetically distinct cell types in one organism)
Word Unit: China: Chinese Billionaire (a rich Chinese who wants to avoid the spotlight)
Word Unit: China: The Country and Its Globalization Perspectives (perceptions of China and the Chinese in their actual interrelationships with themselves and the rest of the world; as well as, the potential hazards and perils of their global dominance)
Word Unit: chiono-, chion- (Greek: snow, like snow)
Word Unit: chiron- (Greek: Cheiron > Latin, Chiron; a centaur famous for his knowledge of plants)
Word Unit: chiropter-, cheiropter- (Greek: bat, bats; flying mammals with wings: cheir, "hand" + pteron, "wing")
Word Unit: chito-, chit-, chiton- (Greek: tunic, covering; a reference to the chemical constituent of crab and lobster shells)
Word Unit: chlamydo-, chlamyd- (Greek: cloak, mantle; envelope)