Word Unit: cozen- (Latin: cheat, swindle; to defraud with deceptions or delusions)
Word Unit: cranio-, crani-, cran- + (Greek > Medieval Latin [c.700-c.1500]: head, skull)
Word Unit: crapul- (Latin: sickness caused by overindulgence of alcohol, food, etc.; drunkeness)
Word Unit: cras-, crastin- (Latin: tomorrow, of tomorrow, belonging to tomorrow; delay, delaying, putting off until a later date)
Word Unit: -crat, -cracy, -cratic, -cratism, -cratically, -cracies (Greek: a suffix; to govern, to rule; government, strength, power, might, authority)

Cross references of word families related directly, or indirectly, to: "master, lead, leading, ruler, ruling, govern": -agogic; agon-; arch-; dom-; gov-; magist-; poten-; regi-; tyran-.

Word Unit: creat- + (Latin: to make, to produce, to bring forth)
Word Unit: Creativity: Global Competition for Talent (The U.S. is in danger of losing its status as the world's greatest talent magnet)
Word Unit: Creativity: Thirst That Needs Quenching (getting a "fire in the head" in order to get the flame of creativity in motion)
Word Unit: cred-, credit-, creed- (Latin: believe, belief; faith; confidence; trust)

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "faith, trust; faithful, trusting; believe, belief": dox-; fid-.

Word Unit: crema- (Latin: burn [fire])

Cremation of Sam McGee poem. Special: Cremation of Sam McGee poem.

Cross references of word groups that are related, directly, indirectly, or partly to: "fire, burn, glow, or ashes": ars-, ard-; -bust; cand-, cend-; caust-, caut-; ciner-; ether-; flagr-; flam-; focus, foci-; fulg-; gehenna-; ign-; phleg-; phlog-; pyreto-, -pyrexia; pyr-; spod- (ashes; waste); volcan-.

Word Unit: cremno-, cremn-; kremno-, kremn- (Latin: an overhanging bank, precipice, cliff, crag)
Word Unit: cremo-, crem-, cremasto-, cremast- + (Greek: to hang, hang up; hung, hung up; suspend, suspended, suspender)
Word Unit: cren- + (Latin: notch)
Word Unit: creno-, cren-, crauno-, crouno- (Greek: well head, spring, fountain, mineral spring)
Word Unit: creo-, cre-, creato-, crea-, creatin-, kreo-, kreato- (Gk., flesh, meat)

Related "meat, flesh" word units: carno-; sarco-.

Word Unit: crepit- (Latin: creak, crackle; rattle, rustling; grating, grinding)
Word Unit: crepuscu-, crepusc- (Latin: twilight, dusky, dawn; in the evening or early-morning hours; dim, indistinct)
Word Unit: cresc-, -cret, -crease (Latin: to become greater or larger in amount or size, to grow, to multiply, to increase; to reproduce)
Word Unit: crico-, cric- + (Greek: ring; used in the extended sense of pertaining to the [ring-shaped] cartilage that forms the back and lower part of the laryngeal cavity)
Word Unit: crim-, crimino- (Latin: judicial decision, verdict; object of reproach, judgement; legal offense, fault, accusation)