Word Unit: Cleptomania: Art Thief (art cleptomaniac said, "I enjoy art, I love such works of art, I collected them and kept them at home")
Word Unit: cler-, clero- + (Greek: lot, allotment, inheritance)
Word Unit: clien-, client- (Latin: follower, retainer)
Word Unit: climato-, climo- (Greek: inclination, slope; the [supposed] slope of the earth from the equator towards the poles; hence, the latitudinal zone of the earth and prevailing weather in a given zone)
Word Unit: clino-, clin-, -clinal, -cline, -clinic (Greek: bed; slope, slant; to lean, leaning; an ecological term; in the sense of a slope or gradient)
Word Unit: cliv- + (Latin: slope, slanting up or down)
Word Unit: clon-, clono-, -cloner, -clonal, -clonally (Greek: twig; later, in modern usage: repetition, carbon copy, same)
Word Unit: clon-, clono-, clonus- (Greek > Medical Latin: muscle spasm; to move violently; turmoil)
Word Unit: Clone Gallery (Cloned animals currently known)
Word Unit: clys-, -clys (Greek: to wash; washing)

Related "wash" words: balneo-; lav-; luto-; plyno-.

Word Unit: cnem-, cnemo-, cnemi-; knem-, knemo-, knemi- (Greek: the part of the leg between the knee and the ankle)
Word Unit: cnesto-, cneso-, cnes-, cniso-, cnis-, -cnesmia, -cnismo (Greek: scratch, tickle, itch, sting)
Word Unit: cnid-, cnido- (Greek: nettle; a relationship to a nettle or nettle-like structure; nettle rash)
Word Unit: coagulo-, coagul- (Latin: to curdle; from a verb meaning "to bring together")
Word Unit: coalesc-, coalit- + (Latin > Medieval Latin > French: growing together, merging, combining, uniting)
Word Unit: cocco-, cocc-, -coccus, -cocci, -coccal, -cocca (Greek: bacteria; literally, a "berry, kernel")
Word Unit: coccygo-, coccyg-, coccyge-, coccyo-, coccy- (Greek: cuckoo; the end of the vertebral column in man and in some apes; the rudiment of a tail)
Word Unit: cochle-, cochl-, cochleo-, cochlio- (Greek: spiral shell, snail with a spiral shell; pertaining to the cochlea, the spiral tube in the inner ear)
Word Unit: coct-, cocto- (Latin: to cook, to boil; to prepare; to digest)

Closely related to the coqu-, cocu- family of "to cook, to ripen" words.