Word Unit: -cule, -cula, -culo, -culus, -culum (Latin: a suffix; small, tiny; also, result of the act of, means of)
Word Unit: culpa- (Latin: blame; responsible for wrong or error)
Word Unit: cult-, -cultural, -culture, -cultures, -culturally, -cultrist (Latin: to care for, to till [the ground], to cherish; to dwell, to inhabit)
Word Unit: cultri-, cultr- (Latin: knife)
Word Unit: cum (Latin: with, together with)
Word Unit: cumulo-, cumul-, cumuli- (Latin: a heap, heap up; gather together, bunch together, cram, amass, compile; pile up)
Word Unit: cuncta- (Latin: hesitate, pause, stall, delay)
Word Unit: cune-, cuneo-, cunei- + (Latin: wedge, wedge shaped)
Word Unit: cupid- (Latin: desirous, desiring, to desire, desired)
Word Unit: cupr-, cupro-, cupri- (Latin: copper; from Cyprus, specifically, "copper")
Word Unit: cura-, cur- (Latin: care, heal, cure; care for, give attention to, to take care of)
Word Unit: curr-, cur-, cor-, cour- (Latin: to run, running)
Word Unit: curvi-, curv- (Latin: crooked, bent; curved)
Word Unit: cuspid- (Latin: point)
Word Unit: cuss- (Latin: from quatere, to shake, to strike, to beat)
Word Unit: custo-, custod- + (Latin: guardian, keeper, protection; guarding, keeping)
Word Unit: cuti-, cut-, cutan-, -cutis- + (Latin: skin)

Cross references directly, or indirectly, involving the "skin": callus-; chorio-; cicatri- (scar); cori-; hymen-; lepido- (scab, scale); papulo- (pimple); psoro- (itch, mange); pustu- (blister, pimple); rhytid- (wrinkle); scabio- (mange, itchy); sebo- (grease, oil).

Word Unit: -cy (singular)
Word Unit: cyano-, cyan-, kyano-, kyan- (Greek: the color blue, dark blue)
Word Unit: cyath-, cyatho-, cyathi- + (Greek: cup, a goblet, a cup for measuring, or drawing wine out of a bowl)