Word Unit: thigmo-, thigm-, thixo- + (Greek: touch, a touching)
Word Unit: thino-, thini-, thin- (Greek > Latin: sand bank, sand dunes; shore)

Other related "sand" units: amatho-; ammo-; areni-; silico-.

Word Unit: thio-, thi-, thion- (Greek: brimstone, sulfur)
Word Unit: thorac-, thoraco-, thoracic-, thoracico-, -thoracic (Greek: thorax, chest [part of the body between the neck and the abdomen; "breastplate, breast, chest"])

Cross references of word families that are related, partially or totally, to: "breast, breasts, chest": mammill-; mammo-; masto-; mastoido-; mazo-; pectoro-; pleuro-; sterno-; stetho-.

Word Unit: threpso-, threps- (Greek: nutrition, nourishment)
Word Unit: thrombo-, thromb- (Greek: clot, lump; aggregation of blood factors)
Word Unit: thygatro-, thygatr-, thygatri-, thygater- (Greek: daughter)
Word Unit: thyla- + (Greek: pouch, sack)
Word Unit: thymo-1, thym-, thymi- (Greek > Modern Latin: thymus gland, glands; warty glanular growth resembling a bunch of thyme [aromatic bush leaves])
Word Unit: thymo-2, thym-, -thymia (emotions) (Greek: thymos, spirit, soul; courage; breath, mind, emotions)

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving the "mind, mental" word units: anima-; anxi-; deliri-; hallucina-; menti-; moro-; noo-; nous; phreno-; psych-.

Word Unit: thymo-3, thym-, thymi- (plant) + (Greek > Latin: a genus of plants, the thyme)
Word Unit: tibio-, tibi- + (Latin: [larger] shinbone;)
Word Unit: tigri-, tigr-, tiger (Greek > Latin > Old French: swift animal)
Word Unit: tillo-, till- (Greek: to pluck, tear, pull)
Word Unit: timi-, tim- (Latin: to fear; faint-hearted, cowardly)
Word Unit: tinnit-, tintinnabu-, tintinnabul- (Latin: to ring, to jingle; formed by reduplication (for the sake of emphasis) from the base of Latin tinnire, which is of imitative origin.)
Word Unit: -tion (Latin: a suffix forming nouns from verbs of condition and action; an act or process: resumption, absorption; state or condition, redemption, exhaustion; something resulting from or otherwise related to an act or process, assumption, friction)
Word Unit: tipho-, tiph-, tiphi-, -tiph (Greek: standing water, pool, pond, marsh, swamp)
Word Unit: titano-, titan- (Greek > Latin: any person or something of enormous size or power)