Word Unit: techno-, techn-, tect-, -technic[s], -technique, -technology, -technical, -technically (Greek: art, skill, craft; techne, art, skill, craft; tekton, "builder")
Word Unit: Technological Breakthroughs (advances in computers, entertainment, and science top list of tech breakthroughs)
Word Unit: Technological Innovations (non-medical technological innovations)
Word Unit: -tecto-, -tect- (Greek: carpenter, builder)
Word Unit: tedi- (Latin: weary; boring; irksome; dull, dreary; monotonous)
Word Unit: teg-, tecto-, tect- (Latin: to cover)
Word Unit: tele-, tel-, telo-, -telic, -telical (Greek: far away, far off, at a distance)
Word Unit: teleo-, tel-, telo- (Greek: end, last; result, completion, perfection, fulfillment)
Word Unit: tellur-, telluri- (Latin: earth)
Word Unit: telmato-, telmat-, telmi-, telm- (Greek: marsh, pool, standing or stagnent water; mud of a pool)
Word Unit: temer- (Latin: rashly; at random, by chance; blindly; reckless; foolishly)

A cross reference of other word family units that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "chance, luck, fate": aleato-; auspic-; cad-; fortu-; -mancy; serendipity; sorc-; tycho-.

Word Unit: temno-, temn- (Greek: to cut, cutting; literally, a piece cut off)

Related cutting-word units: cast-; castrat-; -cise, -cide; -ectomy; mutil-; put-; sec-, seg-; -tomy; trunc-.

Word Unit: temno-, temn-, tempt- (Latin: despise, scorn, disdain)
Word Unit: temp-, templum + (Latin: sanctuary, consecrated place; an open place marked out by the augur for the observation of the sky)
Word Unit: tempera- (Latin: to mix, to mix colors)
Word Unit: tempo-, tempor-, temp- (Latin: time, occasion)
Word Unit: temporo-, tempor- (Latin: sides of the head near the eyes; temple bones)
Word Unit: tempt- (Latin: to try out, to influence, to test)
Word Unit: ten-, tent-, tin-, -tain, -tainment, -tenance, -tinence (Latin: hold, grasp, have)
Word Unit: tend-, tendo-, ten-, teno-, tenot-, tenonto-, tens-, tent-, -tend, -tension, -tent, -tense, -tensive, -tentious (Greek > Latin: to move in a certain direction; to stretch, to hold out; tension; as well as tendon, sinew)