Word Unit: naevus, nevus, nevo-, nev- + (Latin: birthmark; mole)
Word Unit: namato-, namat- (Greek: spring water, fountain)
Word Unit: Names for Groups: Characteristic Terms (names that describe Venery or group names as determined by traditional terms of the hunt and those of more modern creations that attempt to describe group characteristics)

Here is an attempt to clarify the different "hunt, hunting" and the "love, fondness" terms: venat-, "hunt, hunting"; vener-, "love, sexual references"; Introduction to Venereal and Other Group Terms or "Venery names"; Venereal Terms or "names for a variety of groups".

Word Unit: nano- [NA noh], nan-, nanno-, -nania (Greek: dwarf, dwarfish; pygmy; "little old man;" very small or tiny; also, a decimal prefix used in the international metric system for measurements)

Related "few, small, less, little" word units: micro-; mini-; mio-, meio-; oligo-, olig-.

Related "metric" families: yotta; zetta; exa; peta; tera; giga; mega; kilo; hecto; deka; deci; centi; milli; micro; pico; femto; atto; zepto; yocto.

Word Unit: Nanotechnology and Anticipated Advancements (varied potential advancements in nanotechnology innovations)
Word Unit: Nanotechnology and Monetary Investments (nano science and engineering prospects are providing incentives to invest time and money)
Word Unit: Nanotechnology and the Fear for Life on Earth (myths and science fiction regarding nanotechnology)
Word Unit: Nanotechnology Basics and Fundamentals (experts say that nanotechnology will change our way of living!)
Word Unit: Nanotechnology: Index of Articles (a series of nanotech subjects)
Word Unit: Nanotechnology: Little News Coverage (hailed as next industrial revolution but newspaper interest hasn't been there)
Word Unit: naphth-, naphtho- (Greek > Latin: volatile petroleum derivative; containing, or derived from the coal-tar derivative naphthol)
Word Unit: nar-, nari- (Latin: nostril)
Word Unit: narciss-, narcis- + (Greek > Latin: morbid self love, self-admiration, self-centeredness)
Word Unit: narco-, narc-, -narcotic, narcotico-, -narcosis, -narcoticism (Greek: numbness, dullness; sleep, stupor, torpor; benumb, deaden)

Related "sleep" units: dorm-; hypno-; letho-; oneiro- (dream); somni-; sopor-.

Word Unit: Narcolepsy: Sleep without Warning (narcoleptics struggle against sleepiness all day long)
Word Unit: narra-, narrat- (Latin: to tell, to relate, to recount; to make acquainted with)
Word Unit: nasc-, nat- (Latin: born, birth)

Related "birth, born, childbirth, offspring" words: abort-; feto-; lochio-; proli-; toco-, toko-.

Word Unit: naso-, nas- (Latin: nose)
Word Unit: nastic, -nastic; nasty, -nasty; -nastism + (Greek: nastos, pressed close, crammed full; firm, solid)
Word Unit: nata- (Latin: to swim, swimming; floating)

Word families with similar applications about: "swim, swimming": necto-; neusto; pleo-.