Word Unit: nub-, nup- (Latin: from the stem of nubere, "to marry, to wed")
Word Unit: nubi-, nub- (Latin: cloud, fog; shade; dark or obscure, not easy to comprehend)
Word Unit: nuch-, nucha- + (Medical Latin: neck; of the neck; nape of the neck)

Word families with similar applications: "back, backside" word units: dorso- (back, on the back); lumbo- (loin, lower back); pygo- (rump, rear end, back side).

Cross references related to "neck, throat" word families: cervic-; coll-; esophag-; guttur-; laryng-; trachel-.

Word Unit: nuci- + (Latin: nux-, nuc-, nut)
Word Unit: nucle-, nucleo-, nuc- + (Latin: nut, kernel of a nut; stone of a fruit; central part of a cell)
Word Unit: nudo-, nudi-, nud- (Latin: naked, uncovered or without clothing)

A related "naked, nude; uncovered" word family: gymno-, gymn-.

Word Unit: nuga- (Latin: trifling; useless, worthless)
Word Unit: nul-, null-, nulli- + (Latin: not one, not any, none, nothing)
Word Unit: numen-, numin- (Latin: nod of the head; divine power, divine will, divine command, divinity, god)
Word Unit: numer-, number- (Latin: distribution; to count, to reckon)
Word Unit: nutri-, nutrit- (Latin: nutrire; to nourish, to feed, to nurse, to foster, to support, to preserve)
Word Unit: nycti-, nyct-, nycto-, nyc- + (Greek: night; a relationship to darkness, dark)

Other related "dark; shadow, shade; black" units: lygo-; melan-; nigri-; nocti-; scoto-; skio-; umbra-.

Another related "night" unit: nocti-.

Word Unit: nympho-, nymph- (Greek: young bride; woman of marriageable age)