arthro-, arthr-

(Greek: joint, pertaining to the joints or connecting bone structures)

synarthrodial (adjective), more synarthrodial, most synarthrodial
Characterized by or descriptive of a bone articulation or motion that is stiffened by the connection of bones by non-boney, fibrous tissue: Comparing the discomfort in his knees, Astor indicated that his left knee was the more synarthrodial, implying that the stiffness was more severe there.
synarthrophysis (s) (noun), synarthrophyses (pl)
A reference to an abnormal adhesion or sticking together of the bones in a joint: The synarthrophysis in Janet's right ankle appeared to be the result of an improperly healed fracture which occurred several years ago.
synarthrosis (s) (noun), synarthroses (pl)
Any of a number bony connections in the body which are stiffened by the development of fibrous tissue, or cartilage growth, or the abnormal development of bone tissue: After the bone specialist's diagnosis, Olive was informed that she had multiple synarthroses which meant there were several stiff joints in her body.