arthro-, arthr-

(Greek: joint, pertaining to the joints or connecting bone structures)

arthronosos (s) (noun), arthronososes (pl)
Any disease of the skeletal connections: The specialty of the surgeon, Dr. Clegg, was arthronosos, leading her to comparative studies of the diseases that take place between the unions of the bones in patients.
arthropathology (s) (noun), arthropathologies (pl)
The study of the various diseases that occur between the bones of the body: There was an entire department at the medical school for arthropathology, allowing the students to study the diseases of the connecting links in the fingers, toes, knees, elbows, etc. under scientific conditions.
arthropathy, arthropathia (s) (noun); arthropathies; arthropathias (pl)
A disease, dysfunction, or inflammation of bodily joints: Unless the arthropathy was diagnosed and cured, Henderson was at risk of becoming crippled due to the disease in the links between his bone structures.
arthroplasty (s) (noun), arthroplasties (pl)
Surgical reconstructions of or replacements of malformed or degenerated connections of the bones that are interconnected: Tamika's physician arranged to have an arthroplasty so she could have artificial joints to replace her painful condition.
arthropneumoradiography (s) (noun), arthropneumoradiographies (pl)
An X-ray examination of a joint after it has been injected with air: The lab technician was able to read the arthropneumoradiographies which were taken after Henry broke his leg so it could be determined what was necessary to properly treat the injury.
arthropod (s) (noun), arthropods (pl)
An organism with a segmented body or an exterior skeleton which is shed periodically: By the end of the summer, the biology students had a fine collection of arthropods, featuring several examples of insects that had segmented bodies and interconnected leg parts.
arthropod (adjective), more arthropod, most arthropod
A reference to animals with jointed feet consisting of insects, spiders, crustacea, and myriapods, all of them having segmented bodies to which hollow jointed antenna, wings, and legs are articulated in pairs: During his safari across the vast desert, Dr. Jamison was fascinated by the large number of unique species of arthropod insects which differed remarkably from forest insects, for example.
Arthropoda (noun) (a proper noun) (plural used as a singular)
Any of the invertebrates which have jointed legs or appendages; literally "jointed-feet": More species of animals belong to Phylum Arthopoda than to any other phylum (primary division of a plant or animal kingdom).

The Arthropoda include invertebrate animals (without backbones) that include insects, spiders, crustaceans, beetles, grasshoppers, butterflies, and all of the other insects.

arthropodiasis (s) (noun), arthropodiases (pl)
An illness or similar pathological condition inflicted on a vertebrate by an arthropod invertebrate; such as, a spider bite on a person's leg: Alice had a nasty arthropodiasis as the result of being bitten by an unseen insect and had to go to the emergency clinic for treatment.
arthropterous (adjective), more arthropterous, most arthropterous
Characteristic of the fins of a fish which resemble the jointed appendages of invertebrates: The deep sea explorer, Mrs. Anderson, discovered a new arthropterous fish which she named after a specie of grasshopper because of the hinged fins which the creature had that reminded her of an insect.
arthroscope (s) (noun), arthroscopes (pl)
A type of optic tube made of fiber that is inserted into a joint for visual examination: The arthroscope is designed to allow passage of surgical instruments, which permits concurrent surgery within a connecting link between bones.
arthroscopy (s) (noun), arthroscopies (pl)
1. A minimally invasive operation to repair a damaged union between bones: Sam's surgeon examined the joint with an arthroscope while making repairs through a small incision.
2. An alternative to surgical incision and creation of an open surgical wound: The procedures of arthroscopies may be done under either local or general anesthesia; however, infections, bleeding into the joints, swellings, ruptures of the soft tissues which line the non-cartilaginous surfaces within these areas, and other related injuries are possible.
arthrosis (s) (noun), arthroses (pl)
A degenerative disease of a joint or other skeletal connections of the body: Julian noticed that his arthrosis was especially painful in the mornings and when the weather was damp.
arthrotomy (s) (noun), arthrotomies (pl)
The act of a surgical incision or cut into a joint: Dr. Jenkins, the orthopedic surgeon, preferred to schedule Jim's arthrotomy in the morning when he would be rested.
arthrotropic (adjective), more arthrotropic, most arthrotropic
A reference to torsion or a twisted condition of a limb: Adam was experiencing severe pain because of an arthrotropic turn which he made when he was trying to block an opposing football player.