arthro-, arthr-

(Greek: joint, pertaining to the joints or connecting bone structures)

coxarthropathy (s) (noun), coxarthropathies (pl)
A localized disease effecting the hip joints: As a result of his coxarthropathy, Astor was scheduled to have a hip replacement surgery the following month.
coxarthrosis (s) (noun), coxarthroses (pl)
A degenerative osteoarthrosis or the inflammatory cartilage in the joint-space of the hip.
diarthrosis (s) (noun), diarthroses (pl)
Points of contact between bone that allow for ease of movement or articulation: Steve's anatomy instructor explained that a ball and socket joint; such as, the shoulder, is an example of diarthrosis.
diskarthrosis (s) (noun), diskarthroses (pl)
A degenerative disease of the spine that involves the intervertebral disk: Jan's uncle Alfred was suffering from a form of diskarthrosis which involved the pathology, or disease, of one of the disks lying between the joints in his back.
dysarthrosis (s) (noun), dysarthroses (pl)
1. Joint malformation or deformity: Ellis was born with dysarthrosis in his left ankle in that it was turned outwards and made it difficult for him to walk, to wear regular shoes, etc.
2. A misperceived development of a bone closure where none is actually present: Jasper's thumbs were so flexible it appeared that he had dysarthrosis; however, he was double-jointed and his thumb joints could flex in either direction.
enarthrosis (s) (noun), enarthroses (pl)
A joint formed by a smooth fitting rounded bone which moves in a concave joint; such as, a ball and socket joint: A dislocated shoulder is the result of the enarthrosis being painfully pulled apart.

When Lance felt an extreme pain in his enarthrosis, he knew immediately that his shoulder was dislocated.

gonarthron (s) (noun), gonarthrons (pl)
A knee joint or joints: Many people have painful gonarthrons that make it very difficult to stand or to walk around because their knees hurt too much.
gonarthrotomy (s) (noun), gonarthrotomies (pl)
A cut or slit performed by a surgeon on the knee: The orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jones, and assistant performed the gonarthrotomy by making an incision into Hugo's knee.
hemarthrosis (s) (noun), hemarthroses (pl)
A bleeding into or the presence of blood in a joint: The hemarthrosis in his elbow connection was painful and so Peter was looking forward to having the blood drained.
hydrarthros (s) (noun), hydrarthroses (pl)
Inflammation and swelling of a movable joint because of excess amount of synovial fluid or lubricating fluid: When Hank went to the doctor to see what was causing so much pain in his knee, he was told that he had hydrarthros or "water on the knee" also known as an excessive build-up of "water in the cavity".
hydrarthrosis (s) (noun), hydrarthroses (pl)
1. An effusion of watery liquid into the cavity of a joint: Dr. McMahon explained that typically there is an amount of hydrarthrosis in the articulating connections between the bones consisting of fluid which lubricates them.
2. Inflammation and swelling of a movable joint because of excess synovial fluid: When a person is suffering with hydrarthrosis, it is a result of a painful condition such as "water on the knee" which may require surgery to drain.
lipohemarthrosis (s) (noun), lipohemarthroses (pl)
The presence of fat-containing blood in a joint that has an intra-articular fracture: Because Kent's leg had been crushed, there appeared to be some lipohemarthrosis in the joints which the doctor was monitoring to see if the blood was being absorbed normally.
loxarthron, loxarthrosis (s) (noun); loxarthrons, loxarthroses (pl)
An oblique developmental deformity of a bodily joint without dislocation of the bones involved: Doug found it difficult to move his wrist in a comfortable range of motion because of the loxarthron caused by a thickening of the bone that deformed the wrist structure.
monarthric (adjective) (not comparable)
Referring to a single skeletal connection in the bones of the body: It would appear that the painful inflammation which Flora was experiencing was limited to a monarthric joint.
nearthrosis (s) (noun), nearthroses (pl)
An implanted or artificial joint that surgically replaces an original joint: Mrs. Gladstone was very pleased with the nearthrosis she had for her left hip replacement.