arthro-, arthr-

(Greek: joint, pertaining to the joints or connecting bone structures)

neoarthrosis, nearthrosis (s) (noun); neoarthroses, nearthroses (pl)
A new body joint or a surgically placed artificial joint: Due to the crippling arthritis in her elbow, Edith planned to get a neoarthrosis so she could get her inflamed bone connection replaced.
neuroarthropathy (s) (noun), neuroarthropathies (pl)
Any disease of body parts that are associated with the loss of sensation or feelings in the bone connections: The diagnosis which Dr. Jones presented to Jim, the ball player, was neuroarthropathy which meant that he would be unable to feel pain in his finger joints if the baseball hit them.
oleoarthrosis (s) (noun), oleoarthroses (pl)
Injection of oil into a joint cavity: Because of the loss of lubricating fluid, George's doctor recommended oleoarthrosis as a procedure to infuse a lubricating oil into his painful bone connections.
osteoarthropathy (s) (noun), osteoarthropathies (pl)
A diseased condition affecting the joints, both hard and soft connecting tissue, such as the linings of the moving links: As he aged, Mary's friend, Leon, was feeling the debilitating results of osteoarthropathy which was causing pain in his knees, hands, shoulders, and elbows.
panarthritis (s) (noun), panarthritides (pl)
Inflammation involving all of the tissues of the connecting bone parts of the body: The pervading pain and discomfort in all his joints was caused by panarthritis for which Mr. Jones took daily pain management medication.
periarthritis (s) (noun), periarthritides (pl)
Inflammation of the tissues around a joint resulting in possible swelling, redness, and tenderness: Millie was advised to use very warm water to soak her hands in order to relieve the discomfort and swelling of the periarthritides in her fingers.
pneumarthrogram (s) (noun), pneumarthrogram (pl)
Film records of the radiographic examinations of a joint following the introduction of air, with or without another contrast medium: The X-ray technician was an expert at explaining the complexities to Owen of the pneumarthrograms which revealed the extent of the injuries to his foot.
pneumarthrography, pneumoarthrography (s) (noun); pneumarthrographies, pneumoarthrographies (pl)
An X-ray or radiographic examination of a bone connection following the introduction of air: Henderson had a 9 a.m. appointment at the sports-medicine clinic for an extensive pneumarthrography to check up on his old knee injury.
pneumarthrosis (s) (noun), pneumarthroses
The presence of gas or air in an articulating or moving joint, possibly infused for medical purposes: Part of the preparation for the X-ray for Hamilton was to create a pneumarthrosis, a condition in which air would be sent into the connecting link of his knee.
polyarthritis (s) (noun), polyarthritides (pl)
An inflammation of several joints at the same time: Leona was dismayed to realize that the localized arthritis in her thumb appeared to have become polyarthritis because she was experiencing the same pain in several fingers.
pseudarthrosis, pseudoarthrosis (s) (noun); pseudarthroses, pseudoarthrosis (pl)
A pathological or diseased condition caused by an improperly healed bone fracture typically in the long bones of the legs, arms, etc. which results in the appearance of a "false joint" or a bone-like formation that looks like such a bone connection: Ben developed pseudarthrosis because he wouldn't let his broken leg heal without any weight bearing; in other words, the pseudarthrosis appeared to be the result of not staying off his broken leg until it was completely healed.
rheumatoid arthritis (s) (noun), rheumatoid arthritides (pl)
A chronic systemic disease, classified as a type of collagen disease or widespread pathological changes in the connective tissue; characterized by inflammatory changes throughout the body's connective tissues: Rheumatoid arthritis usually occurs during the most productive years of adulthood (ages 20 to 40), although there are some people who are affected when they are infants or even when they are much older.

The cause of rheumatoid arthritis is unknown, and there may not be one specific cause. In about 75 per cent of patients, it begins gradually, with only mild symptoms at first. These may include malaise, fever, weight loss, and morning joint stiffness.

Some bodily bone connections may become swollen, painful, and inflamed and most patients have increasingly severe and many attacks with subsequent joint damage and deformity with rheumatoid arthritis.

Besides the joint changes, rheumatoid arthritis may include atrophy of muscles, bones, and the skin adjacent to the affected bone structure or structures between the bones. The most evident lesions are subcutaneous nodules, usually over bony areas that are less protected; such as, the elbows.

spondyloarthropathy (s) (noun), spondyloarthropathies (pl)
A joint and spine disease, normally effecting the lower limbs or legs and often accompanied by pain and a limited range of movements in the related limbs: Esther found it difficult to sit comfortably because of the spondyloarthropathy in her legs and spine which were stiff and hurting.
stereoarthrolysis (s) (noun), stereoarthrolyses (pl)
The creation of a moveable bone joint through a surgical procedure, performed as a result of an abnormally stiffened bone connection: Keith was very pleased with the outcome of the stereoarthrolysis for his hip since the operation produced a new and fully functioning joint.
synarthrodia (s) (noun), synarthrodiae (pl)
A bodily function in which the bones are joined by fibrous tissue to create an immovable condition: The synarthrodia in his left knee caused Martin to limp because the joint wouldn't move.