aero-, aer-, aeri-

(Greek: air, mist, wind)

aerophilous (adjective), more aerophilous, most aerophilous
1. A reference to plants which are pollinated by the wind or fertilized by airborne pollen.
2. Descriptive of plants which can thrive in exposed windy habitats.
aerophily (s) (noun), aerophilies (pl)
1. A condition in which plants are pollinated by wind or fertilized by airborne pollen.
2. Plants which thrive in exposed windy habitats.
Anyone who has an abnormal fear of drafts or contaminated air.
aerophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An excessive horror of wind, air, or an intensive hatred of drafts; as in cases of hysteria or other nervous ailments: There are times when aerophobia is used to identify a person who is abnormally afraid of being in aircraft when it is flying from place to place.
aerophony (s) (noun), aerophonies (pl)
A musical instrument (as a trumpet or flute) in which the sound is generated by a vibrating column or eddy of air.
Aerating outgrowth or pneumatophore in certain ferns.
1. A device for supplying air to the lungs of an infant born not breathing or to workers in mines, under water, etc.
2. A portable apparatus containing compressed air for administration to resuscitate newborn babies who fail to breathe at birth.
The physics of the atmosphere; specifically, the branch of physics concerned with the movement of solid bodies, as guided missiles, space vehicles, etc., through the air.
aerophyte (s) (noun), aerophytes (pl)
1. A species of plant that is attached to the aerial or outer surface of another plant: An aerophyte lives on the surface of other plants and has no direct contact with the earth or water.

Aerophytes get their moisture and nutrients from the air or from small pools of water that exist on the host plant after a rain.

Treatment of a disease or an illness with compressed (or rarefied) air.
Another word for "airplane".
aeroplankton (s) (noun), aeorplankton (pl)
An organism or a substance that is carried by air; aerial plankton: Aeroplankton, such as bacterium, pollen grain, etc., are suspended freely in the air and are dispersed by wind currents.

Aeroplankton is collective name for all the forms of minute or tiny organic life drifting in the air. It is also an equivalent of oceanic plankton.

aeroplethysmograph (s) (noun), aeroplethysmographs (pl)
A recording of changes in a body volume which includes the measurements of respiratory capacities.
A technique for growing (cultivating) plants without them being in soil or in hydroponic (water) media. The plants are held above a system that constantly, or intermittently, mists the roots with nutrient-laden water. Also called aeroculture.
Any operation that allows air to enter the lungs; such as, with a tracheotomy.

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