aero-, aer-, aeri-

(Greek: air, mist, wind)

mechanical aeration
Aeration of waste water and industrial discharges by physical means; such as, agitation.
A microaerophilic micro-organism.
An anaerobe that can tolerate or requires a low oxygen tension.
1. Thriving in a free oxygen concentration significantly less than that of the atmosphere.
2. A reference to an environment in which the partial pressure of oxygen is significantly below normal atmospheric levels but which is not fully anaerobic.
3. A tiny organism; such as, a bacterium, which is capable of living in an environment where there is not much oxygen.
A suspension in the air of minute particles.
An instrument for determining the amount of gases dissolved in the blood.
obligate aerobe, obligate aerobium
An organism especially a bacterium that requires air or free oxygen for life or which is dependent on the presence of molecular oxygen to breathe.
obligate anaerobe
An organism that can live only in the absence of oxygen.
A reference to organisms that grow in conditions of low oxygen concentration.
otic barotrauma (s), otic barotraumas (pl) (nouns)
A blockage of the Eustachian tubes between the middle ear and the pharynx as a result of rapidly changing external air pressure; such as, that which occurs during descent of an aircraft.

Eustachian tubes are the passages, one on each side, leading from the throat to the middle ear. The tubes open widely in the act of swallowing or yawning.

The opening into the throat is situated just behind the lower part of the nose, so that a catheter can be passed through the corresponding nostril into the tube for inflation of the middle ear.

Valsalva's Manoeuvre, pinching the nose with the finger and thumb and attempting to blow hard through the nose, will usually relieve the blockage.

Positive aerotaxis.
sialoaerophagia, sialoaerophagy
The excessive or frequent swallowing of saliva and air which are taken into the stomach.
surface aeration
The aeration of a liquid by the natural diffusion of air across the surface layer.
1. Medical treatment with the application of hot air.
2. The therapeutic use of hot air.
A tracheal hernia containing air.

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