aero-, aer-, aeri-

(Greek: air, mist, wind)

aerograph (s) (noun), aerographs (pl)
1. Any automatic recording instrument for atmospheric measurement that is carried aloft by an aircraft.
2. In general, any self-recording instrument carried aloft by any means to obtain meteorological data.
aerographer (s) (noun), aerographers (pl)
Someone who writes reports about atmospheric conditions.
aerographic (adjective), more aerographic, most aerographic
A reference to a description of the atmosphere.
aerographics (pl) (noun)
The branches of meteorology that study and describe atmospheric conditions: Aerographics is used to do aerial mapping and imaging technologies to meet demanding schedules and budgets of aircraft.
aerography (s) (noun) aerographies (pl)
1. A written report about atmospheric conditions for aircraft.
2. The systematic description of air quality.
1. The use of air and water, at varying temperatures, to treat disorders of the bodily limbs.
2. The treatment of disease with the application, at different temperatures and by different methods, of both air and water.
aerohygrophilous (adjective), more aerohygrophilous, most aerohygrophilous
Relating to thriving in high atmospheric humidity.
Any creature which is intolerant of high atmospheric humidity.
aerohygrophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
Intolerance of high atmospheric humidity, such as certain plants: One example of aerohygrophobia concerns the flora of the tropics because they certainly cannot live in the Alps or in the Rocky Mountains!
Intolerant of high atmospheric humidity.
The condition whereby there is intolerance of any high atmospheric humidity.
The electrical charging of particulate matter in the air, as for therapeutic use by inhalation.
Treatment of respiratory conditions by the inhalation of air with altered electrical charges.
aerolite, aerolith, aerolitic
A stony meteorite.
aerologist (s) (noun), aerologists (pl)
1. A specialist in the branch of meteorology concerned with the study of air, especially in the upper atmosphere.
2. Someone who studies total atmospheric meteorology as opposed to surface-based applications.

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