aero-, aer-, aeri-

(Greek: air, mist, wind)

1. A tumor formed by air filling an adventitious pouch, such as laryngocele and trachecele.
2. Distention of a small natural cavity with gas.
aerochorous, aerochore, aerochory
Disseminated by wind.
Distention of the vagina with gas.
Distention of the colon with gas.
aeroculture (s) (noun), aerocultures (pl)
Plants without soil; growing of plants without soil by suspending them above sprays that moisten their roots with water and nutrients.
aerocystography (s) (noun), aerocystographies (pl)
Roentgenography of the bladder after it has been injected with air; also called pneumocystography.
Another term for aerourethoscope.
Examination of the bladder with the aerourethroscope.
The science of soaring in a glider.
1. Toothache experienced at lowered atmospheric pressures, as in aircraft flight or in a decompression chamber, caused by the expansion of air in the maxillary sinuses.
2. Dental pain caused by either increased or reduced atmospheric pressure; also aero-odontalgia.
aerodontics, aerodontia
1. That branch of dentistry which is concerned with effects on the teeth of those who are flying at high altitudes; either at increased or reduced atmospheric pressure .
2. A branch of dentistry concerned with the prevention and treatment of aerodontalgia.
aerodontology (s) (noun)
The study of the effects of high-altitude flying on the teeth.
aerodrome, airdrome (British)
1. An airfield equipped with control tower and hangers; as well as, accommodations for passengers and cargo.
2. A small airfield with limited facilities.
Descriptive of a ground or field; especially, one equipped with housing and other facilities, used for flying purposes.
aerodromophobia (s) (noun), aerodromophobias (pl)
An extreme nervousness of flying or even of being near any aircraft: Ginny, who loved traveling by plane, couldn’t understand why her friend Jane had aerodromophobia because it restricted her long distance traveling to trains, busses, or by car, none of which could transport her overseas to other countries.

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