Word Unit: ithyo-, ithy- (Greek: straight)
Word Unit: itiner-, it-, -it (Latin: to go, to walk away; to travel, to journey, a journey)
Word Unit: -itious (Latin: a suffix; tending to, characterized by)
Word Unit: -itis (Greek: a suffix; inflammation, burning sensation; by extension, disease associated with inflammation)
Word Unit: -ity (Latin: suffix used to form abstract nouns expressing act, state, quality, property, or condition corresponding to an adjective)
Word Unit: -ium + (Greek: a suffix; scientific names; names of metallic elements; a part, lining, or enveloping tissue, region; little; representing a diminutive force)
Word Unit: -ive (Latin: a suffix; tending to; of the quality of, inclined to)
Word Unit: -ize (Latin: a suffix; to act in a certain way; to treat in a certain way; to make into; to treat with; to do; to make; to cause)