Word Unit: imag-, imagi- (Latin: representation, likeness, picture, appearance, idea)

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units dealing with "form, shape, appearance": eido-; figur-; form-; icono-; ideo-; morpho-; -oid; typo-.

Word Unit: imbric-, imbrica- (Latin: roof tile, overlapping like tiles or a pattern that looks like this; to lay so as to overlap)
Word Unit: imitat- (Latin: copy, repeat, represent; repetition)
Word Unit: immuno- (Latin: unbound, free from, pure; pertaining to protection against or freedom from disease)
Word Unit: in-1 (Latin: no, not [ig-, il-, im-, ir-])
Word Unit: in-2 (Latin: in, into, within, inside, on, toward [il-, ir-, im-], in, into, etc.: involve, incur, invade; also, used intensively, as in the words inflame and inflammable, or without perceptible force.)
Word Unit: in-3 (Old English, Middle English: in, into; within; toward; a prefix used in front of English words, not Latin or Greek elements; as in the words, indoors and inland)
Word Unit: inane (Latin: inanis, empty, void; worthless, useless; foolish)
Word Unit: incret-, increto- + (Latin: internal secretion, especially by the endocrine glands or a gland)

Cross references of word families related directly, or indirectly, to: "internal organs, entrails, inside": ent-; enter-; fistul-; inter-; intra-; splanchn-; viscer-.

Word Unit: indigen- + (Latin: belonging to a country; born in a country; native to a geographical area)
Word Unit: indulge- (Latin: to be lenient [toward], accede, take pleasure [in]; originally, "to be kind, kindness; to be long-suffering, to be patient")
Word Unit: -ine (Greek > Latin: a suffix that is used to form hundreds of words that mean: similar to, resembling, like, characterized by, or of the nature of)
Word Unit: inebri- (Latin: make drunk, intoxicate)
Word Unit: infiltrat- (Latin: in-, "in" + filtratus, "felt")
Word Unit: Information Technology (IT): Units Listed (a consolidation of cyber advances)
Word Unit: Information Technology: New Identification Tech (authentication technology)
Word Unit: Information: Modern Implications (our learning revolution)
Word Unit: infra-, infero-, infer- (Latin: under, below, beneath)
Word Unit: infundibul-, infundibulo-, infundibuli- + (Latin: funnel; literally, "the [little] thing into which something is poured"; a funnel-shaped organ of the body)
Word Unit: inguin-, inguino-; inguen-, ingueno- + (Latin: groin)