Word Unit: Biomechatronics Research and Development (combining "biology", "mechanics", and "electronics")

A cross reference of word units that are related, directly and/or indirectly, with "electricity": electro-; galvano-; hodo-; ion-; piezo-; -tron; volt; mechatronics, info.

Word Unit: Biometrics: Benefits of Biometrics in Controlling Access (controlling access has its advantages)
Word Unit: Biometrics: Important Role in Physical Access Control (physical access controls)
Word Unit: Biometrics: Index of Units (units which explain the various aspects of biometrics)
Word Unit: Biometrics: Measuring Human Biological Traits (using human biological traits for security screening)
Word Unit: Biometrics: Perspiring Fingers (new biometrics program will look for perspiration on fingers)
Word Unit: Biometrics: Possible Problems with Biometric Systems (applications of biometrics; problems and "smart passports")
Word Unit: Biometrics: Useful Terms (definitions of terms used in biometric technology)
Word Unit: Biomimetics (robotics engineers blend expertise from fields of biology and computer engineering to produce robots that mimic living creatures)
Word Unit: Biomimetics: Designs by Nature, Imitated and Developed by and for Mankind (Utilizing nature in the present and in the future with engineering designs)
Word Unit: Biomimetics: Index of Natural Imitations (the production of natural-life mimics)
Word Unit: Biomimetics: Velcro (an example of a natural mimic of cockleburr seed casings)
Word Unit: Bionics, Illustrated by a Bionic Hand (a bionic hand which is considered a next-generation prosthetic device which appeals to both patients and health care professionals)
Word Unit: Biopiracy: In the News (biological theft by illegally collecting indigenous plants, microbes, enzymes, etc. by corporations who patent them for their own commercial use as defined at this bio unit page)
Word Unit: Biotechnology: Traditional Chinese medicine for global market (biotechnology and new technologies and markets)
Word Unit: blasto-, blast-, -blast, -blastic (Greek: germ, bud; shoot, formative cell or layer; of or pertaining to an embryonic or germinal stage of development)
Word Unit: -ble, -bul (Latin: a suffix; result of the act of, means of, place for)
Word Unit: -blem + (Greek: insertion; literally, "something thrown in")
Word Unit: blenno-, blenn- (Greek: mucus; a slippery protective secretion that is produced in the linings of some organs of the body by the mucous membranes and glands)
Word Unit: blep-, -blepsia + (Greek: look, see; sight, seeing, vision; a condition of sight or vision)

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "appear, visible, visual, manifest, show, see, reveal, look": delo-; demonstra-; opt-; -orama; pare-; phanero-; phant-; pheno-; scopo-; spec-; vela-, veal-; video-, visuo-.