Word Unit: beat- (Latin: happy; blessed)
Word Unit: behemoth (Hebrew: buheemohth, "beast, beasts"; Latin: behemoth)
Word Unit: bell-, bel- (Latin: pretty, beautiful)
Word Unit: belli-, bell- (Latin: war; fight, fighting)

Related "war, war-like" or "battle" word units: areo-; -machy; milit-.

Word Unit: belono-, belon- (Greek: needle)
Word Unit: bene-, ben-, beni- (Latin: good, well)
Word Unit: Benjamin Franklin: A Genius of Many Gifts (scientist, inventor, printer, writer, patriot, and diplomat; sharing his contribution of wisdom to generations from the past, in the present, and into the future)
Word Unit: bentho-, benth- (Greek: deep, depth; the fauna and flora of the bottom of the sea; sea bottom; depth [by extension, this element includes lake, river, and stream bottoms])

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving the "sea" and the "ocean" bodies of water: abysso- (bottomless); Atlantic; batho-, bathy- (depth); halio-, halo- (salt or "the sea"); mare, mari- (sea); necto-, nekto- (swimming); oceano-; pelago- (sea, ocean); plankto- (drifting); thalasso- (sea, ocean).

Word Unit: Benthos Addendum (fauna [animals] and flora [plants] at the bottom of the sea)
Word Unit: Berserk (Old Norse: berserkar, literally, “bear’s skin”; a Norse-myth warrior)

Related "bear, bears (animals)" word units: arcto-; ursi-.

Word Unit: beta; B, β + (Greek: B, β; second letter of the Greek alphabet and the second object in any order of arrangement or classification)
Word Unit: bi-, bin-, bino-, bis- (Latin: two, twice, double, twofold; a number; it normally functions as a prefix)
Word Unit: bib-, bibi- (Latin: drink, to drink)

Related "drink" units: dipso-; haust-; nectar-; poto-.

Word Unit: biblio-, bibli-, bibl-, biblico- (Greek: book, books)

Related book unit: libr-.

Word Unit: Bibliography of Sources of Information about Professional-Egyptian Scribe Stories (scribe tools and symbols of one of the most important occupations of ancient Egyptian times)
Word Unit: Bibliography of Sources Regarding Habitat and Dwelling Environments (acknowledgements of information utilized for -cola, -colas; -cole; -colent; -colid; -coline; -colous word entries)
Word Unit: Bibliography-Quote References (references used in the contents of Word Info)
Word Unit: Bibliokleptomania (an uncontrollable desire to take books based on a strong fondness for them)
Word Unit: bili-, bil- + (Latin: bile; which is a digestive juice secreted by the liver, stored in the gallbladder, and aids in the digestion of fats)
Word Unit: bio-, bi-, -bia, -bial, -bian, -bion, -biont, -bius, -biosis, -bium, -biotic, -biotical (Greek: life; living, live, alive)

Related life, live-word units: anima-; -cole; vita-; viva-.